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  1. F1 Group Agrees 'fuel Burn' Qualifying Tweak

    I've been here a lot longer than all of them. Ask the vets.
  2. F1 Group Agrees 'fuel Burn' Qualifying Tweak

    When did people take humour seriously?
  3. Honda's Amazing Improvements

    Yes, but Honda are insane.
  4. Honda's Amazing Improvements

    Montoya won a few races though. I was thinking of posting in the historical section asking for the rare footage of Button winning his 2nd race... Oh wait...
  5. Alonso Key Factor In Schu's Retirement, He Admits!

    MontoyaFan-HatesJenson (hereafter MFHJ) has admitted that the obsessive defendance of Jenson Button was one of the factors that contributed to his retirement. MFHJ declared to the Spanish magazine 'Button Sucks, For Sure, No?' that he decided to retire because he felt that his dedication to the sport started to slip. The Englishman said: "And I always said that the day a younger poster defended him would be the day I would leave the forum" MFHJ also declared that he sympathises with Jenson's fans as the group is going through a rough time and has been for some time. MFHJ said: "I have been astonished by the guts of certain fans of his. This person is the most overrated for least wins driver of all time, but they write that he is unbelieveable and incredible..." Source:
  6. F1 Group Agrees 'fuel Burn' Qualifying Tweak

    F1 says Fuel Burn... Jenson says 'Speed?'
  7. Honda's Amazing Improvements

    They could improve their team a 1000 times by firing the Overrated English One, and bringing in someone who could win more than once.
  8. Webber Empathises With Alonso And Hamilton.

    Couldn't see Button saying anything that sensible.
  9. All Time Most Unsporting F.1 Team

    Honda, for provoking vomit amongst all right-minded F1 fans
  10. All Time Most Unsporting F.1 Team

    Honda, for keeping Button and giving everyone else an advantage
  11. Jenson Button

    Also, I don't care what ANYONE says - 1 win when he's had a good car in however many races is simply not good enough for the hype that he gets.
  12. Jenson Button

  13. Hamilton Finally In F1

    Hamilton hmm? Well being quite young, gifted and black (can anyone hear a song) I expect him to outperform another certain British Driver by the name of Button this year...lets see if he gets the same ridiculous hype.
  14. Jenson Button

    Rather be a penal wart than a **** Jemstride... The fact is, for the hype he gets, and the decent machinery he's fed, he wins one race in how many years? That alone makes him ridiculously overrated.
  15. Jenson Button

    How does 1 win, with the fawning that goes on on here, make him not one of the most overrated drivers? ONE ****ING WIN. And you guys talk about him like he's our saviour, or the male Kim Naylor...ffs... As for top 3 - give me a ****ing break...LMAO.