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  1. England V Spain

    I don't understand what people see in Lampard to suggest he's similar to Gerrard. The only thing they have in common is they score a decent amount of goals for midfielders. Gerrard is the complete midfielder; fantastic passer, good leader, good defensively as well, great passion. He is the perfect midfielder. However Lampard... isn't. Gerrard is just better at everything, does much more, works harder and of course is better. I know it's becoming a cliche, but the only reason Lampard does score the amount of goals he does is because he must have 200 shots in one game and score with one deflected effort. The sooner Gerrard is partnered by Carrick or Hargreaves consistently, the better an English midfield will perform.
  2. Cricket World Cup - 2007

    If ever there was an example of someone being selected on past performances and his name, it has to be Strauss. I know Loye hasn't been much better, if better at all, but I think he is - or was - on the verge of string together a few good performances, like Joyce has done. Plus he offers more to our attack than Strauss does at this time, perhaps even when he's on form.
  3. Agreement

    Admin accepted Sato’s request, Don't pay much attention do you?
  4. Scott Speed

    Scott Slow......
  5. Agreement

  6. Greatest Engine

    I'll try and upload the Peugeot one I have, if I can find it that is...
  7. Agreement

    This had to stop. And in a weird way I am pleased with what happened last night, because it has seemingly ended this
  8. ****ing Well Stop Acting Like Immature Pricks

    This feud has been ongoing for months now, so why would the aforementioned rebels suddenly stop now? It
  9. Does Sato Deserve...

    First of all he has decided to hand in his modship Second of all, how can you have the internet
  10. Mods

    Well I
  11. Mods

    Don't bring me into this.......Damn!
  12. Mods

    I see, well I think this is where I press that
  13. Mods

    Is that the tactic you are using against the current moderators?
  14. Mods

    I don
  15. Football Legend George Best Dies

    Terrible shame, although expected given his past. It
  16. Mods

    I will not be posting here again in the short-term; in fact I may never post again on here for reasons which should obvious to all. I will definitely not be coming back while this
  17. Mods

    I never doubted the fact that you and I were ‘buddies’ so to speak and friendly with each other, in fact you were the first to welcome me over MSN. I didn’t say you definitely had to do it, I said could you perhaps do it in case someone found it offensive, I wasn’t pressuring you in away fashion.
  18. Mods

    Well since I made a brief appearance back in light of Villeneuve
  19. Villeneuve And Bmw Official...

    Thank you very much. This is only a fleeting visit mind you, as soon as I heard of this wonderful news I thought I would make a brief appearance on here to comment on it, after this I shall probably disappear into the wilderness again...
  20. Which season do you think, in your personal opinion, was the greatest and most thrilling season ever? Needless to say I enjoyed the 1997 season, not necessarily because of Jacques, but because it was such and open season where there were a number of contenders for every race and of course 1997 was one of the last seasons to be like this as soon regulations would come into place to make them slower and in my opinion anyway, less exciting.