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  1. Yep same problem here too. I guess F1 is such a tiny little pokey racing series that they can't spare the cash nor effort to get something so basic right.....
  2. Jv. F1 Car Designer.

  3. Heidi In

    A good solid 95% driver. He'll keep bringing the car home with some solid points. Given the lack of available number 1 drivers, he was the obvious choice.
  4. Will The Real F150 Please Stand Up?

    Yep. While on the surface it might all seem a bit silly and p**sy, you do have to protect your trademarks. If you don't, you can lose them.
  5. Will The Real F150 Please Stand Up?

    Well if past Ford F150 vs Ferrari battles are anything to go by, it's going to be Ford that comes out on top. I guess Ferrari are hoping that it'll be 3rd time lucky...
  6. Kubica In Hospital After Rally Crash!

    Hopefully the delay is because they're just being thorough and don't want to jump the gun. Testing for internal injuries and brain injury would be standard. Determining how badly broken his hand is and what to do about it would be low priority. Anyway, I'm starting to speculate. No more from me until we hear something official.
  7. Kubica In Hospital After Rally Crash!

    Yeah. There is a positive though. It doesn't look to me like the car's damage would be conducive to the sort of crushing injury that would result in the amputation of a hand. I'm very confident that news report was crap.
  8. Kubica In Hospital After Rally Crash!

    Some more pictures from the scene, including Robert under medical care:
  9. Kubica In Hospital After Rally Crash!

    Video of the car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78smQo6ZRk8
  10. Kubica In Hospital After Rally Crash!

    The media went overboard with fiction when Webber got injured and I'm optimistic it's the same with Kubica. Certainly the 'losing his hand' story seems to have grown out of nothing. It certainly isn't being reported widely in the media. Although it does sound like he does have some nasty injuries.
  11. Kubica In Hospital After Rally Crash!

    Hopefully he hasn't fractured his legs. Especially his left leg. They left foot brake and apply a lot of force through that leg. Webber broke his right leg and had significantly more time to recover before the season started. Yet he was still very touch and go come the first race. If Kubica has broken his left leg then he will be out for a long time.
  12. News is very sketchy as I post. However early reports indicate Kubica has crashed while driving in a rally. He is reported to have fractures and other injuries. The crash itself has been described as serious, but it is unclear how serious Robert's injuries are. See here: http://www.thenews.pl/sport/artykul148796_kubica-in-hospital-after-rally-accident.html
  13. Gut, Heart And Head

    Gut: Alonso Heart: Webber Head: Alonso Alonso and Ferrari are resurgent, and 11 points is nothing (only 4.4 points under the old system). Also, Alonso is not in competition with his team mate. Red Bull are in no hurry to pick one driver over another. Especially while Vettel trails Webber. I think the main contenders for the title are Alonso, Webber, and Vettel. I think Hamilton is an outside chance. Button is still in the frame, but I think the reality is that McLaren have lost the edge, and Hamilton has the edge over Button.
  14. D O D Spa

    I gave my vote to Webber. Only because Hamilton already had a stack of votes and Webber had none at the time. I think the top 3 all drove commendable races. I didn't see Webber make a mistake the entire race. You can't blame him for the start, that was a mechanical issue. Both Hamilton and Kubica went off on the first lap (perhaps Webber would have as well, had he been further up). Kubica ran wide on lap 2 and lost a position. Hamilton nearly put it in the wall. Kubica made a mistake in the pit lane and lost a position. Webber had a poor start, but drove a solid race. Did 1 or 2 overtakes, stayed out of trouble, and brought it home in second. Realistically the bulls were always going to struggle against mclaren here. So to bring it home in second was a great result for Mark.
  15. Top Gear - Senna Tribute, Diaz And Cruise

    Agreed. The Senna film was very good. In fact I came here to start a thread suggesting people watch it, but I was too late! If you didn't get to see him race, then definitely have a look.