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  1. Who Is Gonna Do Great This Season?

    After watching the McLaren documentary and the race, I concur - Hamilton has another fan!
  2. Albert Park - Without Race Conditions

    Actually you'll find that since Albert Park is public land, most area's are accessible all year around (including pit lane). The only time it's not is early morning and at night (8am - 9pm, to stop the hoons), for special events and misc circumstances. The building that is in pit lane is a sports and recreational institution. Parts of Albert Park became restricted from 12th Feb to start setting up for the GP.
  3. Winter Testing Thread: 06-07

    Testing times from Barcelona (Wednesday 29 November) 1. MASSA Ferrari 1m16.403s 2. HEIDFELD BMW 1m17.159s 3. BADOER Ferrari 1m17.447s 4. DE LA ROSA McLaren 1m17.584s 5. PANIS Toyota 1m17.643s 6. HAMILTON McLaren 1m17.748s 7. BARRICHELLO Honda 1m17.992s 8. WEBBER Red Bull 1m18.249s 9. PIQUET Renault 1m18.312s 10. DAVIDSON Super Aguri 1m18.374s 11. KLIEN Honda 1m18.383s 12. COULTHARD Red Bull 1m18.526s 13. KOVALAINEN Renault 1m18.775s 14. KUBICA BMW 1m18.778s 15. WURZ Williams 1m19.009s 16. SPEED Toro Rosso 1m19.114s 17. LIUZZI Toro Rosso 1m19.277s 18. KOBAYASHI Toyota 1m20.731s
  4. Rate The Drivers - 2006

    Alonso- 12 Fisichella- 8 M.Schumacher- 17 Massa- 22 Raikkonen- 25 Montoya- 9 De La Rosa- 7 Button- 23 Barichello- 18 Heidfeld- 19 Villeneuve- 21 Kubica- 10 Trulli- 11 R.Schumacher- 1 Coulthard- 20 Klien- 16 Webber- 24 Rosberg- 13 Liuzzi- 15 Speed- 14 Albers- 6 Monteiro- 5 Sato- 2 Yamamoto- 3 Montagny- 4
  5. Kimi's Potty Mouth

    Umm.. where's the problem?
  6. Mixed Emotions For Australians This Weekend

    Ooo bugger, that doesn't sound good
  7. Porter dies from Bathurst crash injuries 8:31 PM October 8 V8 driver Mark Porter died on Sunday following the critical injuries he suffered in a crash at Mount Panorama in Bathurst on Friday. Porter and fellow driver David Clark were involved in a high-speed accident during the second last lap in the first race of the Development Series. The 31-year-old Porter's Holden Commodore spun sideways after striking a wall. Despite his best efforts, Clark could not stop his Ford Falcon from hitting into the stricken vehicle at an estimated speed of 200 kilometres per hour. V8 Supercars Australia released a statement on Sunday evening expressing its sympathies for Porter's family and offering support for his wife Adrienne and one-year-old son Flynn. Clark has regained consciousness and is now breathing unaided, but remains in the intensive care unit of Sydney's Nepean Hospital. The 28-year-old had been in an induced coma, but is now recovering well from a punctured right lung and fractures to his pelvis, right arm and leg. Source: ABC Video of the crash - ---- In the wake of Peter Brocks death, another tragedy befalls the motorsport world. My condolences to Mark's family & friends. note - I realise the typo in the title (should be peace instead of piece)
  8. Save My Sport - To Everyone Living In Australia

    Free to air coverage on sports (lets not get into general tv programs) has and will always be under par. It's about time they got some pressure and the competition will actually make them give a Sh#t about their viewers instead of treating them like idiots. The ball in is in the free to air networks court. They have to shape up and provide better quality coverage for their viewers or hand it over to someone who can and will.
  9. Mixed Emotions For Australians This Weekend

    Channel 7 are getting the V8's, so both GP's from Asia should be live on 10 next season not to mention better overall coverage of F1.
  10. Rain Predicted For China

  11. Rain Predicted For China

    Lets hope for another rained out, actioned filled race Oh and channel 10 sucks major balls. One of the few races we get to watch during the day (according to the time converstion of and they delay it from 4pm to 11:40pm, even though the allocated timeslot is for RPM show that provides news on local and internation motorsport! What a bunch of Nuff Nuffs!
  12. Peter Brock Dead In Race Crash

    BUGGER 2 in 1 week! Like Steven Irwin, he died doing what he loved. My condolences to Peter's family & friends. Rest In Peace -
  13. Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Dead

    There was certainly a surreal feeling around the office today. I can't admit to being a massive fan, but I do realise all the good he did and that he passed doing what he loved best. Rest in Peace Steve - you will not be forgotten.
  14. Question About Grand Prix 4

    Just booted up GP4 again. It's been awhile, but did a few hot laps of Melbourne, my best was a 1:31.098 dunno if thats good or not. Feels like the steering was working against me... (turned all brake and steering aids off though) but maybe thats because i've been playing F1 Challenge 01 - dunno.
  15. Istanbul Raceday...

    Button to get the double!!!