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  1. Vettel Out Kyvat In..

    I'd also say it's looking more like Seb > Ferrari, Fred > McLaren.
  2. Vettel Out Kyvat In..

    Vettel has given his notice and will leave Red Bull, RBR has already given Kyvat the advancement to the main team. So does this mean Verstappen and Sainz Jr at STR or will they throw JEV another year? My opinion is the two Rookies.
  3. Massa Is Officially A Crashaholic

    He may not always been the cause, or at fault. But it does seem that he's starting to like the feeling of being involved in them. 4/11 Race ending Accidents this year. And i would add 2 he had no chance to avoid. Canada had a small chance to avoid, but the German one was easily avoidable.
  4. Who's Better? Kvyat Or Magnussen?

    For me i'd have to say at this stage Magnussen by a hair. Would be nice to see a more reliable STR9 because i'm certain they would have more then the 17 points they currently have.
  5. Why Mark Webber Really Left F1

    Rosberg and Dicaprio are too damn similar if your just scrolling and not really looking you don't even notice.
  6. Alonso's Contract Loophole.

    Alonso only really has three options if this is correct and he has a get out clause if they fail top 3 in WCC. Stay at Ferrari and pray for a miracle they can deliver a wining package. (Hasn't really happened since he joined) - 95% Switch to Mclaren take a huge paycut and a risk on Honda whilst praying for a miracle for them to put a good car on track. (Something they have struggled with in recent years) - 4% Chance Retire to Endurance racing. (Something he has hinted he would like to do after F1) - 1% Chance
  7. Is Ricciardo Better Than Vettel ?

    Yeah Kimi would be a close 2nd. And we all know what kind of job he is currently doing. In my opinion Kimi is up against the most complete driver on the grid in Alonso. Alonso could drive a childs peddle car into the points.
  8. Is Ricciardo Better Than Vettel ?

    [quote name='WebRic' timestamp='1406617252' post='363424'] But that's what i saying though, does this current formula show that these particular drivers arnt as good as we first thought? As nearly all the current drivers have got to grips with the new spec cars. That's all iam saying. Vettel was unbeatable in the previous era of formula one, now it doesn't look that way. [/quote] Can you name a driver on the grid this year that has had to adapt more then Vettel? The last two races seen to show Vettel has started to come to grips with the car better. Take away the SC and his lapsed spin and Vettel was having the better weekend. Vettel's race craft is his weekness, maybe due to a lack of practice from the last 4 years of Pole to Flag wins. Dan's clearly having the better year to date, but we all know Vettel has always been good after the summer break. I still think Dan will have the better year but i see a smaller points gap come the end of the season.
  9. Is Ricciardo Better Than Vettel ?

    Many former champions have been beaten for half a season. Hell many have been beaten for a full season. You can't make a reasonable statement of Driver X v's 4 times Current World Champ based on 11 Races.
  10. Is Ricciardo Better Than Vettel ?

    I very much dislike these topics of is Y better then X?. There are a multitude of aspects to a driver. And to the whole Vettel v's Ricciardo, all i can say is it's to early to tell. Vettel has come from a car that was on rails and well last years STR8 was anything but. It's clear to me that Vettel is struggling a lot more out of the corners, getting the power to the ground was a major reason for Vettel's dominance. If he can get this right it could be a whole new story. I'm a huge fan of Ricciardo and i think he has the ability to take it to Vettel at anytime in the same equipment.
  11. Merc - Team Orders, Was It Right?

    Not saying he would have, but Hamilton did say i'll let him past when he gets to me. In my eyes Rosberg never put his car into a position to say to Lewis i'm here please swing wide and let me by. All time checks have him 0.65 - 1.3 secs behind. So to me Rosberg shot himself in the foot by not moving forward. 1 Lap under the gearbox of a car isn't going to kill your race. Sitting 1sec behind a team mate because you want/expect him to pull to the side a give up 2-3 secs to everyone is just stupid. I hope Rosberg doesn't make this mistake again.
  12. Merc - Team Orders, Was It Right?

    You can't expect someone to give up 2-3 seconds. If Rosberg had come up to his Gearbox things may have been different. In the Ham v Ros for the title i'm on team Rosberg but you can't expect you teammate to wait for you on the side of the track. They have both Championships in the bag, Now let them race for the WDC like they have said they would from day dot.
  13. Hungarian Grand Prix

    Not to bad of a race. Great drive by Lewis, Fred and Dan. Driver of the day for me has to go to Alonso. Dan/RedBull made the perfect call at the SC, If Alonso and Ferrari had made the same call i think Alonso could have won this one. A big woot for Dan outta the fact that i'm an Aussie. Feel for Vettel, was having a great weekend till that SC. Small mistake cost him a podium i think.
  14. Mexico Grand Prix

    As long as Tilke doesn't get his hands on the changes that need to be done, and the track can hold it's current form as much as possible it should make for some good racing.
  15. Is Massa Serious?

    All i can say is get Pole Massa then you can choose the Pace of the Formation Lap. It really is a year of sooks.