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  1. India Set For 2009 Gp Date

    I strongly believe that this time,Indian GP 2009 is going to happen, cause, this time, Vijay Mallya (OWNER OF KINGFISHER AIRLINES) is behind this idea..... n i'm sure that he'll do watever it takes to bring F1 in india... "Formula 1 in New Delhi Mallya now wants to bring a Formula 1 race to India as the Indian Grand Prix. New Delhi is the target, with a street-race being the favorite of Mallya, track designer Hermann Tilke[2] F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone[3] and Delhi CM Sheila Dixit. F1 track designer Hermann Tilke has designed a layout for a street-race like Monaco in New Delhi. [5] The plan is to have the first Indian F1 race in 2009. Tilke has previously designed F1 tracks in Turkey, Shanghai, Bahrain and Malaysia. [4] Track design The setup cost of the race would be at least U$100 million. [5] This is considerably less compared to building a brand new track specifically for car racing. Tilke wants the cars to go around India Gate and down Rajendra Prasad Rd. [6] " Source:
  2. Cricket World Cup - 2007

    ya....with Brett lee out of the world cup team, n a few other players injured, it gives India higher chance of winning the world cup compared to wat we had in '99 world cup! now with 2 consecutive series wins in India against West indies n Sri lanka, I think that india has a good chance of goin upto the finals.... but Australia without their key players is a team comparable to what Ferrari is without schumacher.....they'll still b just as good and strongest contenders for WC2007
  3. How Your Downtown (City Center) Area Looks??

    more images from pune,India............ University Of Pune: Main Building Parvati Temple: A jogging track in Pune University: Mumbai-Pune Express-way: if at all what Bernie is saying about INDIA GP 2010 is true, 1 of the possible locations for the F1 track is right next to this Expressway i.e. in between Mumbai and Pune. since this is 1 of the locations that satisfies almost all the requirements of FIA.
  4. How Your Downtown (City Center) Area Looks??

    hello ppl...every1 has posted really nice pics... here are the pics from the city where i live... Pune, India... its about 180 km from Mumbai. Shaniwar Wada: a fort a view of Sinhagad from pune city.... another fort birds eye view of pune trees Angelina jolie and brad pitt travelling in an Autorikshaw in pune city....they r here for some film shooting...
  5. Kimi Or Fernando, Your Choice

    haha!! true..... alonso is such a crybaby when he is not winning! on that day when alonso slowed down for many laps before he gained his speed back, i think Fisichella driven amazingly well to not to let schumi overtake Alonso for about 4-5 laps.....and then overtook alonso after following him for 3-4 laps just to block ferrari, and for that alonso was upset because fisichella overtook him!!!! i think those 4 laps were the best driving from fisichella that i have ever seen(to help his team-mate)!!!! there is no wayyyyyy massa could have done that that if schumacher had a problem and was slower compared to alonso.....
  6. Australia 'a Nuclear Threat'

    its this guy right?:,_Jr. seriously? this guy is in 50 most beautiful people in the world list of ppl magazine??? oh man! i shound be in top 10 then! just kidding..... but i would have definitely considered him if it was a '50 (thousand) most beautiful people in the world" list! n he is makin the most illogical statements here! australia is the only country in the world whos not having war with any1 currently! India and pakistan have each other to fight with, USA and middle-east countries r kinda in a state of war....... but australia is not havin war with any1!!! y would Australia b a nuclear threat to USA!!!
  7. Young Nico's Great Showing

    nico was amazing today...but i wonder wt he would hav done in a midland or STR...even montiero would hav finished in the points if he had williams today!!!!!!!!!
  8. Karthikeyan Stars At Jerez

    ya i am indian, but thats not the ONLY reason y i am fightin for NK,against all the driver bashers. NK is a good driver and ppl on this forum hate him cause he didn't finish 4-5 races in this season because of mechanical failures? or do they hate him just because he is the 1st indian to race in F1! he failed to finish because of his error only in 2 races this season! common give him some time! he is fast and a good driver. i hav been watchin F1 for past 6 years now, n i am not the kinda indian F1 fan who watches F1 just for NK! common! give him some time, n a good car, he'll b a gr8 driver! hey, in the races that NK and TM both finished, NK finished ahead of montiero most of the times! ya i do accept that he's a lil wild but if NK is WILD then wat would u call SATO!!!
  9. Karthikeyan Stars At Jerez

    well, i wouldn't say that NK is faster than MS n KIMI ofcourse! but he sure will b the fastest in between Montiero,Albers,Frisacher,dornboss if all r racing with the SAME CAR.
  10. Karthikeyan Stars At Jerez

    he has proved that given the right car, he can b the fastest. i know that u guys r gona say that this is just testing n blah blah blah... but still, NK was the fastest amoungst the V8 runners!
  11. Michelin To Pull Out In 2006

    but i dont understand y there should b only 1 tyre supplier? y has FIA made this rule!
  12. just read this news published on ------------ Former Jordan driver Narain Karthikeyan will join the Williams team in Jerez, Spain, this week to help the team's racing drivers in winter testing. Karthikeyan is one of the candidates high on the list to become Williams' test and reserve driver. 28-Year old Karthikeyan will begin his three-day test at Williams on Wednesday working alongside Nico Rosberg on the Williams FW27C. Williams' Technical Director Sam Michael said about Karthikeyan's test: "Narain will be in Jerez to help us with normal testing duties. At this stage of development of the FW27C, we have a series of systems checks and initial set-up investigations to complete. He will be in the car on Wednesday 7 December."
  13. Super Aguri Purchase 4 2002 Arrows....discuss!

    +Arrows raced with crossworth FORD engines. Aguri will b havin HONDA engines...which definitely will be better than the crossworths! i read some1 sayin that arrows were always aerodynamically efficient. if thats true then with BETTER ENGINES, better aerodynamics, +developing the arrows cars which they bought, they might beat midland! or atleast do wat MINARDI did to Midland. i have no idea abt which Engine will b better! Honda Engine on SUPER AGURI or TOYOTA Engine on Midland!
  14. Wat the hell is going on!!!! karthikeyan says that he is out of the running for 2006 race seat and now midland say that he is not out of the running!!!!!! Montiero says that he has signed the contract for 2006, n Midland boss denies that!!!!! Wat the hell is going on!!!! i read this news on -------------------------------------------------- (GMM) F1 team 'Midland' has denied Narain Karthikeyan's claim that the Indian is out of the running for the second race seat in 2006. Although the 28-year-old rookie said his sponsors could not afford the $9 - $14 million price tag, a spokeswoman at the team originally known as Jordan insisted that Karthikeyan had received 'an offer for 2006-2007'. ''We have announced one driver ... and there is still a slot for a second driver available.'' With Christijan Albers all signed up, though, and Tiago Monteiro just awaiting official confirmation, it might be assessed that Midland is indulging in a damage-limiting mission to effectively dump the Indian driver. The spokeswoman persisted: ''No, no, we are very happy with the way he has been driving.'' She did admit that the hold-up was about money. ''(But) the figure that he mentioned,'' she continued, ''... it's not that. It's less.''
  15. Narain To Drive For Midland In 2006

    C wat i was talkin abt? u gotta check ur eyesight.... i said search for MY FIRST POST ABOUT THIS TOPIC you dumb***. u posted again wat u had said back then. considering wat point of view were the TOYOTA ENGINES on JORDANS were regarded as the BEST ENGINES in F1?? only reliability! they didn't have great power output compared the the crossworths on the minardis!!!! wats the point in having the MOST RELIABLE engine which wont let you overtake ur opponent!!! :S :S ok we will stop talkin abt "rubbish" indians n lets start talkin abt RUBBISH CANADIANS THEN!!!!!!!!