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  1. Ferrari Threatens To Leave Formula 1

    Brawn, Williams and Force India, possibly to be joined by USGP and Lola....yay!
  2. Spanish Gp Race Thread

    zzzzzZZZzzzZzz.......snore.........are we there yet?...mumble..........*yawn*.....zzzzZZzzzz well considering it was the Sp GP it was not bad, well done to JB, MW and FA!
  3. Mclaren Handed Suspended Ban

    Once again FIA places interests other than the Sport
  4. 30-mil Budget Cap

    Champcar, is that you?
  5. How Many Races Does Piquet Have Left?

    Only missing pic would be,
  6. Alonso Collapsed After Bahrain Gp

    [quote name='El Silenci
  7. How Many Races Does Piquet Have Left?

    Nope, Piquet bins it clockwork wise almost all races. He is fairly constant in that aspect
  8. How Many Races Does Piquet Have Left?

    even the sun shines in the dog
  9. How Many Races Does Piquet Have Left?

    indeed Alonso drove dehydrated and had a burn too (he passed out after the race briefly) due to the seat being extremely hot in the place in contact with the rest of the car- that took sheer determination to even finish
  10. Who Is The Best Wet Driver Ever?

    Both hamilton and Alonso have had good wet races (just 2 examples- for Hamilton is British GP last yr, Alonso in European GP 2007)
  11. Bahrain

    Knowing how this year has started do not take out the possibility of a sand storm
  12. Ron Dennis Resigns As Mclarens Ceo

    F1 without Ron is like Austin Powers without Dr. Evil
  13. Shanghai

    I gotta ask- Why are we suddenly up to our monobrows in F1 personalities? surely this is not
  14. Piquet Jr. Speaks His Mind

    uhmmmm... negative, knowing Flavio, Nelsinho probably got a message about sleeping with the fishes
  15. Alonso's Sensational Start To The Malaysian Grand Prix

    Yes, indeed he was there and he did an excellent 2nd half. As I said Kimi is an outstanding talent, but to tell you the truth (my truth ) I think Mclaren atmosphere got the best out of Kimi