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  1. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    I hope i can find it again no problem, but like you said don't compare paedophile with my comments, my argumnet of racist is that maybe i am looking at the value of racist with a different point of view, for me classes in society, for example to eneter such places you need to be high class etc..that is a kind of racism too, it is not black , white chinese etc.... i wanted to show to you all that racism is not that only. then paedophile is scientifically tested and prove that the person is sick ....
  2. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    i can agree with you here , but the reasonable people is in discuss for me, i'm not stupid you know, i believe if i think a bit blue i have to admit it , why hide, why i need to go in public cheering up, then after i will say bad think about that person, you know what i mean. i can't say to my self that i'm not racist why because i don't like my daughter to marry one, i can't believe or get it down my spine why a very ugly Fat girl sorry to say so is married with a black guy , if you tell me he loves her i can't get it down sorry... again if i found out that research from professional people, eh by the way, saying that mix races are one of the elements of disability and i have read all the documnet and mostly about it i agree, why i would say no these people are mentally freaks , i will be the freak if without knowledge i will be judging the argument and fire these professionals because the village priest says so. so i hope you get my point now , and there are people here in this community that post their comments just to make other laugh for me no problem, but i will never say something that i don't believe in it, just to picture myself with others as a good the perfect guy , it is true i'm GEMINI but i have only one face...people cheers .
  3. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    ok fair enough, but if i said so, still no problem body would fire on me like all you did.. by the way thnaks to all of you hehehhe.
  4. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    yes of course they know how i think, the problem lies because it is a matter of how you put the racist element, for example i can be racist against a white person as me , and like you said if i said ****in idoit in your eyes i'm not racsit but i can be. so by saying black, instanly for all of you i am racist, so what is the issue, in my opinion when i said everyone is racist because deep down everybody is. now when i stated the disabilty issue it is another think, maybe i'm worng maybe no, if someone can prove me that i'm wrong i would accept that, that what once i found is wrong otherwise i will continue with this theory. and then there is another elements to talk about religion, they come to your country and they want dectade, as in Itlay they want italy goverment to remove the jesus cross becuase it was an offence to them ( schools) , but hey are we joking really , how i like Australian minister who says everyone is welcome but they have to integrate with our values , who don't agree can go back from where he came from....
  5. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    I will try to get where i get that from, all i remeber when i found out about it , is that sweden was taken into consideration that they have the least disable % , and sweden are the most country that doesn't mix it race. but still i don't know why all this fuss, ok you don't agree with me so, by the way i have black people friends of mine, i'm not a monster that once i see a black person i spit on him, the issue is that i use my head before i come to conclusions, not because mine told me something i abide . if all of you think i'm wrong prove me wrong. cu
  6. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    i would like to answer the photocopy of einstein here, once i did research about the matter and i found out that mixed races was one of the elemnts of disability, so i am talking aBOUT WHAT I FOUND . then about all countries with policies of freedom oppression i know all countries have these policies even Malta but that doesn't mean first if it is good, secondly that i have to agree with it. if you are so stupid that because you were raised with those principals but maybe you don't agree with it but still say so becuase of your parents, society etc..then good for you. i search for my ideas i don't practice my parents ideas. i don't know who is sick from me and you .
  7. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    All i can say since i'm not that full of myself , but yepp i'm good in IT , i love painting, married 2 kids a girl and a boy,good job yeah i'm satisfied with my life. and you???
  8. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    hey the way you reply i thought so...How intelligent am I... thanks..
  9. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    How i love here ........heheheheheh
  10. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    when you don't know something the least you can do is search then come with a valid argumnet so maybe you can change my mind, secondly Maltese people are the best in the world my friend , the small Island of Malta if you look back its history you will end up with your mouth open how rich in histroy Malta is. secondly i am proud that we (Maltese) always without natural resources kept going and we have a good enough economy, joining the EU, going to change ove rover the Euro so that will create more jobs and stability in our preciuos country, and with all the projects kicking off, to mentioned one impotant is the Smartcity malta , that is going to create 6,500 jobs alone. this without no natural resources as big countries ...say what the **** you want about Malta...Malta is a treausure in the mediteranean friend Malta is attracting investors because we are the best my friend....IT , Pharmateucial, Accounts state a few.... now go **** yourself with a ****in black c#ckkkkkk. cheers
  11. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    first this scientificly correct , secondly i said there's the possiblity, not everyone even i know persons mixed races not handicaped , and i know alot, but since i am in control of myself and i know there is this possiblity i am responsible to think and act as a responsible person. i am happy that you are ok but those who are not, what to say about them ... secondly little man maybe, i am i only 31 ... cheers.
  12. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    this is adressed to you MURRAY WALKER, first ignorant are you , secondly before you make such statement is better first asking why i made such comments. since you didn't ask the question because ignorance is part of your day to day life, here is my answer. if all of you know where malta is then you should know that in the past 5 years Malta is getting invaded by illegal immigrants mainly coming from Africa , i don't have nothing against this culture of people but i have the sense of notice the big difference in it , everyone can say so what ? i will say of course what? because when and this is scinetificaly certifed that when there are mixing of races there a big percentage ( not that big but the possiblity is there ) that new born can be handicapped( Disable), if there is a small margin of this possibility i am against at all odds. now here in Malta everyday 50 illegal migrants arrive you have to notice the capacity of Malta we can cope with it for sure, but even now we are part of Europe no EU member came to Malta so they can accomodate them in more indusrtial countries such as England , france , German etc...., then when a |Mlaltese fisherman was passing with his vettel accross Libya and Malta he saw imigrants at sea holding with a fishfarm , the maltese fisherman decided not to help them, even knowing EU constituion say you need to help them , then all of a sudden pictures through a heloicopter came out on the interantional media saying shame on Malta , how can u be so shelfish when first ALL the big european countries like ENgland etc.... stole everything from Africa made african people slaves now with all africa problems because of europeans put the blame and critices us for not helping them . so i mentioned this story because islands like Lampedusa and Malta can continue this influss without europe help accomodate more illegal imigrants, secondly you told me not to be racist, ok then but here in malta these people before they get thier permit to stay, they are getting married with Mlatese girls ( Fat Girls) and you will come to me saying it is love etc..they are doing kids etc... yepp i am against at all odds and i even against TuRKEY to join the EU .... cheers Kenneth.
  13. Lewis Hamilton - 2007 Wdc

    what a pathethic post.....
  14. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    i need to correct you, he hasn't beaten yet FA, secondly if he win it because of alot of things we all have already discussed them here.
  15. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    cheers man, i'm Maltese... A small island in the middle of the mediteranean sea near sicliy Italy.