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  1. Villeneuve Slams Schumacher Over 'Lies'

    Ha Ha Ha I think Ferrari turned him around instead of he turned Ferari around. Since he was so capable, why didn't he turn Minardi or .... around??? Still dreaming.
  2. Villeneuve Slams Schumacher Over 'Lies'

    Its really 'more than words'... Go JV Go. Make a song for Schumi's reality. You won't be jailed.
  3. Villeneuve Slams Schumacher Over 'Lies'

    One of the most honourable comments I haven't heard for a long time which is so precise and correct.
  4. Villeneuve Slams Schumacher Over 'Lies'

    JV, you are the best. You dare to voice out the truth that others don't.
  5. What Are You Boycotting?

    Ferrari, the Mafia's car.
  6. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    Please be reminded that Schumi came to play as a second driver roll for only 2 races (Malaysia and Japan) in 1999. Should have his leg broken earlier. Anyway, if Ferrari could make it a Kimi-Schumi lineup for 2007, I wished Kimi to beat Schumi all the way. Maybe this time he would use his 'KO-opponent tactics' on his own teammate.
  7. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    In my opinion, if Senna was still alive during 1994 and 1995, the chances of Schumi becoming a champion was much less vis-a-vis his superior KO-opponent style of driving. For Ferrari, I think even Irvine, Ruben or Massa would have the chance to become a champhion if Schumi playing the 2nd driver role.
  8. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    Go schumi go. Go home please. Please don't make me disappointed.
  9. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    Why no reply yet
  10. Kubica Disqualified, Schumacher In The Points!

    FIA set new rules for Ferrari only. - Underweight or overweight doesn't matter. - Cutting chicane gets ONE point.
  11. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    Wake up, don't sleep. You are still out of the topic.
  12. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    Don't let your anger and bias carry you away. We were talking about drivers and not teams. I hope you can understand. Wake up and be precise.
  13. Kubica Disqualified, Schumacher In The Points!

    fought like a champion >>> straight lining corners schumi >>> the rule maker
  14. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    I hope I'm not wrong, the source below exhibits one of the favoritism.
  15. Kubica Disqualified, Schumacher In The Points!

    ???????? Kubica was disqualified due to tyres..... How about schumi's car weight? FIA scuks. and never penalised schumi for straight lining corners. Ugly.
  16. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    Sportsmanship! That's it.
  17. Newbie

  18. 2 Second Ban For Schummi

    MS,... how about Michael Scuks...
  19. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

  20. 2 Second Ban For Schummi

    Please Alonso please, don't follow Schumi footsteps, chest up and become a sporting & genuine champion.
  21. Alonso Penalised For Qualifying!!!

    I hope I'm not wrong, the source below exhibits one of the favoritism.