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    soccer Liverpool FC KINGS OF EUROPE 2005 and will be in 2006!!!!!!!!<br />Formula 1 no one can beat Mika Hakkinen
  1. I'm Back

    YESSSS! IT WORKED! Which meant there was no point in making as 2nd 1! Well, this is gonna be my last post as mikathegreat !
  2. Who Is The Better Driver?

    I would definately agree with that Oli
  3. F1 2006 Rules

    I agree with changing the engine rules.Kimi Raikonnen would have been leading the Drivers title by now all thanks to the crap engine failure rule
  4. Who Is The Better Driver?

    They are both rubbish!But what do you think?
  5. Williams To Use Bridgestones Next Year

    What about McLaren?They have a much powerful engine that Renault & Ferrari do
  6. Formula 1 05

    I wonder what antilock brakes are because my Dad says that antilock brakes are'nt used in F1!
  7. Hakkinen:i Party Non-stop

    I got the new Medal of Honour game ages ago & I have the new Formula 1 05 game beat that!!!
  8. Top 4 Drivers Of 2005

    I agree with Kimi but not the other three.Albers is only good in qualifying
  9. Top 4 Drivers Of 2005

    What do you mean Sato!He's done worse than Barrichello this season
  10. Top 4 Drivers Of 2005

    I really like De la Rosa!He would be good for McLaren in the future with Kimi
  11. Top 4 Drivers Of 2005

    Sato is on my worst drivers list alongside Barrichello who is joining BAR next season
  12. Top 4 Drivers Of 2005

    This is my top 4 1st Kimi Raikonnen 2nd Fernando Alonso 3rd Juan Pablo Montoya 4th Michael Schumacher
  13. Rubens Barrichello Confirmed At Bar-honda For 2006

    Here's another link http//www.formula1.com/news
  14. Karthikeyan Told To 'calm Down'

    I don't get this First there was so many polls & topics about Sato but now there's so many polls & topics about Karthikeyan!
  15. Who Isyour Favourite Team Of 2005?

    You have got a point there. Renault are leading both Drivers & Constructors but McLaren have the faster car