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  1. Car Accident

  2. Car Accident

    From your picture i can imagine what happend . Your pupil had right of way , this arsehole ( probably speeding ) tries to overtake you ilegally. ( because he see's a learner driver and wants past) You were In the right lane to go ahead and plus you can't overtake on a round about, he's to blame basically. If he hit you from behind he has no case :-) The fact that he didn't have insurance tell's you what kind of person he Is. You should of called the police ^^
  3. Top Gear

    In this current series one of the lads will drive a F1 car ( Renault ). Looking forward to thata one.
  4. Lewis Trained At The Same School As George Bush?

    erm. I don't feel that LH has been "bashed" at all. Well not by any media I look at. Personally I'm glad he thought for himself, as a driver and racer. He's not one of those pussys like Massa, who Hasn't got the balls to do what he thinks right.
  5. A Question About American Sports

    I watch US sports to send myself to sleep. (no joke) Channel 5 plays baseball at 1:30 am or something :-D anyways, I just can't watch usfootballl without p**sing myself laughing at the amount of armour those chicken Sh#ts wear . Baseball Is quite boring but i would like to know the rules properly. I Do hate that every outfield player wear "mits" ? , can't they catch a ball with their hands ?? Basketball Is ok , if you like that sorta game. Too stop start for me. Nothing intersting too it. I agree with the person who says, Americans love adverts too much. It's reallyyy annoying.
  6. Rfactor

    It is a PC only game. But you can use console pads If you have the correct adapters for them. System Requirements 1.4 GHz processor Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, XP 64-bit (will NOT run in Windows 95 or Windows 98 first edition) 512 MB RAM Geforce4 4200 or Radeon 9200 128 MB video RAM DirectX 9.0c 2.0 GB of hard drive space for installation Internet connection required for one-time activation Where you buy the game. On other note, I'm struggling to setup of for Istanbul, my best time Is 1.23.4. But i've seen 1.22.3 ! Dammit
  7. Hamilton - Backstabbing Hypocrite Or Saviour Of F1?

    Before this weekend I wasn't bothered If Alonso won this year's championship. But now after watching Alonso's actions, I would be glad to see anyone but Alonso win. I do not like the way FA has acted at all In these past few weeks, he's acting like Shumy, If your better than him just prove It on the track FFS!
  8. No Penalty For Mclaren

    I'm a Brit and supports the British teams/drivers, but this decision doesn't sit well with me.
  9. Top Gear

  10. The ITV Commentary Criticism Thread

    ITV need rid of J Allen ASAP. ITV's coverage doesn't add to the excitement, Allen doesn't react the way fans do on any given incident like Murray would, or any other decent commentator would. Give him his old job back.
  11. European Gp Qualifying

    People who can get BBC Radio 5, Murray Walker Is the commentator, and wow what a difference It makes to the show, compared to James Allen. Incase you didn't know.
  12. What A Beautiful Summer

    As I hate hot summers, this "summer" has been great for me ! Sorry to all you sun lovers. Not.
  13. Motogp

    Grats Capirossi :-) Rossi making another crucial mistake ? oh my. Still not over though!
  14. Sports You Follow/teams You Support

    lol. Because of Keane ? Hang your head In shame.
  15. Rfactor

    Rfactor Is my fav game atm. I'm usually online as TheAstro, give me a shout If your online.