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  1. Mclaren...with Realibility In Tow...

    jenson rules, come on man why do u have to be such a hater, dude u are just scared that mclaren has improved, dont be a wuss, just admit it that they improved.
  2. Mercedes Engine Commemoration Thread

    maybe there is good news, they actually finished their test 3rd today with the new engine that compleated 54 laps so maybe they did get a bit more power.
  3. Mercedes Engine Commemoration Thread

    Sorry to inform you Mercedes haters, but it was a hydraulics problem so next time do some research before you post bu''sh't
  4. Moty Awards

    Kiko01 and Karta you guys have to be the biggest idots on the message board why do you think I wasent right when I said Montoya was an IDIOT or that alonso was LUCKY. Montoya has made some really stupid mistakes getting injured playing tennis and the at the end making some really stupid mistakes with the back markets and Alonso he has just had the opposit he never had his car fail on him while Fisi had a lot of problems during the season and then when a McLaren was in the lead where they would have won for sure but then the car breaks or some stupid thing happens and Alonso wins such as in San Marino. Europe, China, and some other places, all he had to do was sit back and drive slowely while wins fell in his lap.
  5. Moty Awards

    I happen to agree with most of the awards but they should have added two more catogorize to the list and they would have been: IDIOT OF THE YEAR: MONTOYA LUCKIEST DRIVER OF THE YEAR: ALONSO (and would have won that by a big lead)
  6. Watch This...

    I totally agree with you NOJVNOF1
  7. Your Favourite F1 Moments

    I think the best momets for me in F1 have to be the pass that Hakkinen made on Shumi in 2000 because it showed how competitive they were towars each other and of course the pass that Kimi made on Fisi in Japan.
  8. Driver Of The Year: 2005 Season

    Kimi because he never gave up and pushed all the time for the WDC and the WCC but I guess it was not a year to celebrate, considering that Kimi and Alen Prost are the only drivers to win 7 races in a season and not be champions. So hopefully next season will be better for the team and for Kimi.
  9. Kimi Lets Ferrari Rumours Continue...

    I hate to agree with you pumpdoc but I think you might be right
  10. More Kimi To Ferrari Rumours

    I am really starting to hate this talk all the time he will leave McLaren and others say he will stay, I just hope Kimi decides soon or if he has all ready that they make it public soon, but then where would all the fun be in guessing?
  11. Ron Starts The Blame Game

    I dont think Ron has the right to blame anybody else except McLaren and Montoya for losing the WDC. First of all the Mercedes engine has proven unrelible in the parts of the season that were really important to score points on Alonso. And then Montoya who has made some stupid mistakes like in Turkey and Spa. And for Alonso to be called the new iceman is stupid, people saying that kimi is loosing it is really dumb, since the start of the season Alonso has a big lead in the points and always could settle for a nice 2nd or 3rd while Kimi had to push all the time and of course he will make mistakes he is human after all, and just remeber that all Formula One drivers made mistakes in the past. I think that the last two races will show who is the best because Alonso had won the WDC and needs to win for Renault so he will be pushing harder (if he can) and Kimi and Juan will be battling with each other. So who wins the last two races, I think is the best driver.
  12. Will Kimi Have An Engine/mechanical Failure?

    I think that Kimi might win the race in Spa, because of his sheer determination to win it but who knows he just might have his engine blow up in pratice. And it is something that I cant understand why McLaren keeps on doing, during pratice they have Montoya and Kimi run a lot of laps while Renault stay in the garage and MCLAREN have a third driver to do the testing, what I think is that they are stupid when the send out the racing drivers to collect data. And Monty I have bad news for you, what makes you so sure that Montoyas engine wont let him down after he admitted that in the last part of the Monza race he had to use all the power of the engine to keep Alonso behind him. They need the points for the constructers but if Montoya spins in qulifying or makes a dume mistake again they might not win it. And some of you say Kimi spinded in Monza and this and that, how come you dont rember Montoya stupid mistakes in Turkey and Germany where he crashed at the last corner of his qualifying lap. classic independent thinking IDIOT.
  13. How Old Is Everyone

    I am 20 years old and I live in the US but I was born in Bosnia.
  14. Hakkinen Tips Kimi For Title Glory

    Ecapdeville, you need to learn that he does not make the cars break down. How do you know this? The engines are set at a rev limiter so its not like he can over rev it. And all the hydrolic problems there is nothing he can do about that,it is not like he adds the fluid before the race. Dont be hating think about think about things for a little.
  15. Hakkinen Tips Kimi For Title Glory

    I definitly hopw that Kimi wins it but it will be very hard. McLaren needs to have 100% reabilty so that he can fight for a win everyti,e for the rest of the year and hope that Alonso has a problem like he did in Hungry, and if he has one more race with out any points and Kimi wins it, it will be very close and interasting.