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  1. The Problem With Kids Today

    That's because certain users who live to make personal attacks are tolerated and not banned... and now one of them's taken to abusing me by PM and I doubt the mods will do anything about that either.... Point is there's always one c**k(or a few) that has to ruin it for everyone else.
  2. Current Driver Market

    We know what jokes are, you're just Sh#t at making them...
  3. Schumacher Did It For Massa

    Agreed. Making up fake quotes will get you banned pumpdoc
  4. Schumacher Did It For Massa

    Sadly as this is something good that Schumacher has done, people will conveniently forget it or refuse to acknowledge it ever happened...
  5. Welcome Kimi

    so you don't think that prick's comments out of line.... more TOTAL HYPOCRISY on TOTALF1
  6. Welcome Kimi

    No, but you probably will anyway.... you should however go take a large knife and slit your wrists and throat with it....
  7. Welcome Kimi

    Conveniently forgetting the Mass Damper System? and it may have been a while ago, but McLarens traction control 3rd pedal.... if you lot are going to live in the past when criticising Ferrari, I'll do the same with McLaren....
  8. Welcome Kimi

    and Renault like to put systems in their cars to give them illegal advantages.. and so do McLaren so don't bother crying about Ferrari to me.
  9. Welcome Kimi

    I do, other people conveniently forget all the cheating by anyone BUT MS....
  10. Renault Engine Commemoration Thread....

    It has to go some way to become the new Merdcedes Engine though
  11. Schumi The Great!!!!!

    Difference is he DESERVES the attention, you bring nothing useful to the forum.
  12. Welcome Kimi

    So this is what we have to put up with is it? Bitterness over things that happened over 10 years ago.... and ONE mistake this season....get a life, this sh*t is boring me now...
  13. It's Confirmed

    Whereas other great driver's black moments conveniently are... Yet another sign of the hypocrisy in F1.
  14. Schumi The Great!!!!!

    Unlike some members on here I don't do bandwagons, don't judge me by the same standards as the people who will suddenly be cheering Ferrari coz Kimi's going to be in one. Granted I will still support the big red machine through thick and thin, and I never said Kimi couldn't change my opinion of him. I think he has done a better job this year than last.
  15. It's Confirmed

    Living-in-the-past-tastic. Good news is Schumacher will still probably have some role in the team... maybe as a sort of driving coach or something?