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  1. Guess he does not know what word suspended means.
  2. Also one has to ask who was chicken there: Webber or the guy who did that after Webber did not see?
  3. Did not F1 also have those press the button system about 20 years ago?
  4. It might be joke to you, but it is actually quite serious matter. Rally is even in worse condition than F1 imo and a former team boss would not hurt at helm of FIA.
  5. One of the reasons Brawn did not stay at Ferrari was that he was not able to get team principal role. In light of that I do not see Todt heading to Brawn GP. However, he is great canditate to replace Mosley as he has both F1 and Rally background. Not many other canditates can compete with that.
  6. 1999 with Schumacher out from several races. If by wins you can also add Malaysia win to him.
  7. First of all full first capital letter topic is irritating. Second, i will probably get up depending on when exactly is it.
  8. My pick would be Piquet, that is perfect 2nd driver work.
  9. Karta


    Nico definetly got just penalty -- he gained heaps from it. Without that SC incident pitstop he would never made it to podium. Kubica on other hand probably not. Overall this rule sucks i agree.
  10. Notice it does not mention Kubica? Guess what that means
  11. Best quote in the Qualification: Coulthardin radio: "David, we have good and bad news. Good news: you are ahead of R
  12. This race is tough for both Hamilton and Massa for different reasons. Hamilton is expected to win this while Massa needs to stay utmost close to Hamilton at least. In my mind Hamilton 1. and Massa 2.nd would still be victory for Massa. The reason for this is bridgestone tyres supplied to this race are same as Spa which favor slightly Mclaren. Also it will probably be last 'cold' GP as well. My prediction: 1. Hamilton 2. Raikkonen 3. Massa 2 and 3 depending bit if Ferrari will go favoring or not. Kovalainen might also stir up something, but history so far shown he nearly always somehow screws up.
  13. Karta

    Dod German Gp

    Pretty much agree with that. They did very well from their respective situation.
  14. I can see Massa winning Wdc for 2008. I bet most of you thought he was goner after 2 races
  15. Piquet will win championship before Kovy is all i am going to say on the subject. Another question is will either of them win it altough Kovy had far easier time last season, it is far simpler to be compared to Fisichella than Alonso. Also it is far easier to have first season with TC and great car like Lewis did. Same applies to lesser degree also to Kovy, Renault was not as good of course as Mclaren last season either.
  16. Karta

    Where Is Ankit?

    Who the heck is Ankit?
  17. For reason you mentioned Trulli gets it. If he had passed him then Kovy had gotten it.
  18. If he gets into last phase of qualification then he will start with the fuel he has regardless of penalties. I really dont think he will get P1 with full tank.
  19. The point of driver of the day is to pick one actually. If you want several pick make it winners of Turkey or something. My own choice is rather difficult, not much to pick as everyone did mostly what expected. I guess i will give it to Rosberg for getting point and beating out Toyota. Alonso and Webber are also high on list.
  20. I see some still quote Alonso and take it for gold. One thing i figured out long ago is to take what Alonso says with grain of salt. I do not mean the last year thing by that, but the fact is he likes to play mind games with others.
  21. Funny you should say that --
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