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  1. Hamilton - Backstabbing Hypocrite Or Saviour Of F1?

    are you trying to imply that to be the best driver he needs to be "unfair" i dont see how being fair and being the best cant coexist.
  2. Hungarian Gp Qualifying

    with a little bit of self introspection,you will realise that you are the one that is talking "non sense"
  3. Hungarian Gp Qualifying

    my sympathies are with disgruntled button/hamilton fans like you
  4. Hungarian Gp Qualifying

    the hallmark of a champion team-leader is to never be happy with the results you have got ....... and Big Don is a ... (i just cant believe what i just said. ) Ron already knew it when he signed alonso that he is not the "nice guy". i will be surprised if the situation at mclaren goes out of control .....,though i would be loving every moment of it.
  5. Hungarian Gp Qualifying

    thats how he looks after every session .
  6. Hungarian Gp Qualifying

    an all mclaren front row is the best possible result ,i dont know what u are ranting about . face it ,alonso is a cheeky b#####d,and thats why he is a 2 time WDC
  7. Car Or Driver

    i tend to agree , however its the package thats important ,unless a driver is absolutely pathetic(like a certain aussie,who shall be nameless ) he is not going to ruin an opportunity to win the WDC
  8. Helloo

    hello 'doc,
  9. Helloo

    hi! how are you Russ. hope you are not completely bald by now
  10. Happy Birthday

    happy birthday!!! Ben
  11. Traction Control

    it (return to mechancal grip over aero grip) wont happen with the current regulations as the current engines produce too much power for it to be "safe" to reduce the dependance on aerodynamic grip !!!!!!!!
  12. Yamamoto Confirmed For Rest Of Spyker Season

    another example to show just how pathetic Spyker really are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  13. Helloo

    hi ! to everyone .... !!!!!!!!
  14. Ctrl300????

    i agree that the example was bad. but whether the intentions were good is debatable. i cant get convinced that someone who implies that the minority voice should be crushed can have good intentions .....
  15. Bahrain Tests!!!

    it would be News flash if he "isnt" drunk