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  1. Professor Sid Watkins

    Did anyone listen to 5Live commentary yesterday ? We got a mention
  2. Professor Sid Watkins

    In the world of F1 where drivers, team bosses and the sports rulers divide public opinion one man has been universally liked by fans of all teams and drivers
  3. Professor Sid Watkins

    Check out Autosport this week, Page 13, we are a news item on Autosport so publicising a worldwide F1 news item is legitimate
  4. Professor Sid Watkins

    Its got about 4 political posts in and about 40 F1 ones in Why not just delete the political posts
  5. Who Is The Nicest Driver In Formula 1

    DC told my brother to p**s off, literally Nicest guy according to my brother who went to Australia 2004 was Sato and then Button in terms of fan friendliness Michael and Kimi were arrogant Sh#ts He had no problem getting Montoya to sign and said Montoya was a nice guy and smiling
  6. Professor Sid Watkins

    I have never seen such a busy board as this The thread keeps disappearing Topped up now
  7. Professor Sid Watkins

    I think this deserves bringing to the top
  8. Professor Sid Watkins just bumping this up to the top for the overnight crew
  9. Professor Sid Watkins

    All politicians are as bad as each other
  10. Professor Sid Watkins

  11. Professor Sid Watkins

  12. Professor Sid Watkins

    back to the top for the daytime crowd
  13. Professor Sid Watkins

    Its a different world now compared with then. There is no point in Bush apologising for the treatment of the American Indians or Ron Howard apologising for the culling of the aboriginies or Berlusconi apologising for the excesses of the Romans, none of them were even born when that stuff took place Different world
  14. Professor Sid Watkins

    No point judging countries by its past Every country on earth has done bad things
  15. Professor Sid Watkins

    John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Michael Palin would laugh at your ignorance far more than they would the parrot sketch There is no spam nearly 300 sigs now
  16. Professor Sid Watkins

    Fast approaching 250, thats good going for 2 days and promotion nowhere but a handful of boards
  17. Best Ever Driver?

    Jim Clark followed by Jackie Stewart I will throw another name into the hat, my all time favourite driver Ronnie Peterson Even Mario admitted that Ronnie would have won Mario's title but for having to play a supporting role to Mario and Ronnie showed a young Niki Lauda the way not long before Lauda went to Ferrari
  18. Your Saddest Moment In F1

    Seeing the decline of Lotus from those wonderful JPS cars and innovation to pay drivers struggling to qualify and their ultimate demise Lotus are my all time favourite team
  19. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    I respect him but there have been too many dodgy moments to like him so I am probably halfway between the 2 options
  20. Worst Ever Season Ever

    2002 and 2004
  21. 1994 Standings If As Be Alive

    Benneton were using illegal traction control that year and Senna would never have made up the 30 points I think Schumacher's 2 race ban was politically motivated to try and let Hill catch up
  22. Minardi Fans Aim To Save Name

    Thanks Senna
  23. Minardi Fans Aim To Save Name

    Minardi are ultimately the Jamaican bobsleigh team of F1
  24. Professor Sid Watkins

    Many thanks to those from here who have signed it I take it none of you have got any spam