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  1. 10 Days Left!

    cant wait for the lights to go out too. Bring it on !
  2. Mercedes Engine Commemoration Thread

    oh well what else is new. The same things said over and over again a million times still seems to be funny to a certain few. I personally am sick of it
  3. Liuzzi's Drive In Jeopardy??

    am hoping its another one of Pitpass's "fun" articles. hoping....
  4. New Fears Encircle Monteiro Seat

    especially if u havent paid that much
  5. New Fears Encircle Monteiro Seat

    just because something is supported by u, bajo and murray does not make it reliable.
  6. New Fears Encircle Monteiro Seat

    why does senna keep harping on the 30 million fallacy ??
  7. 'Schumi Should Quit Immediately'

    What he does post F1 is his choice. He was talking about "when" to quit. Not What to do after you quit. I feel Mika quit at just the right time. He has every right to express his opinion. If he was a "quitter" he would have stopped racing after Adelaide 95.
  8. The Perfect Formula 1 Driver

    Schumi's motivation+ Kimi's raw speed/talent+ JPM's balls + Trulli's qualifying skills+ Alonso's consistency+ DC's PR skills + Hakkinen's ability to handle pressure
  9. What's Your Occupation?

    university engineering student/resident assistant. the job sucks though !
  10. V8 -vs- V10 Limited

    apparently the FIA already is looking into this issue. detuned v10s might not be permissible after all. have to wait and see
  11. New Honda Looks Good - Rubens

    Rubens was actually pretty darn good in his Stewart Ford days. It sure did take him a long time to realize that he wont be WC with Ferrari Moving to Honda was probably a good move.. But everything coming out of his mouth now is just normal pre season PR talk...
  12. Irvine: Schu's Star On The Wane

    Irvine and his endless drivel
  13. Mf1 Set To Confirm Monteiro

    if success was measured with the number of finishes in a season. having said that...he does deserve the drive at MF1