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  1. Team Player...Not

    Isn't Bourdais a wine... no wait that's bordeaux my bad
  2. Dod Turkey

    HA thats pretty funny. I do think that the team has to stop treating Vettel like he is the anointed one. The way Vettel acted after that incident reminds me of an 11 year old kid when he does not get his way and starts stomping his feet and calling people names..etc. Completely unprofessional and totally childish behavior.
  3. Dod Turkey

    I think Red bull should sit Vettel out for the next race - the way any good coach/team would treat a player wwho acted that selfishly! They need to teach him how to grow up a little and think a bit more about the team! What a stupid! stupid! stupid! move. Yes vettel you are the crazy one! Now as this story unfolds it sounds like the team are trying to protect him too. Make Vettel sit out the next race and use your reserve driver instead!!
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah

    Fun it is!! You know maybe rule 40.13 just amounts to an admission from the FIA that they expect normal Formula one racing to have no overtaking. 40.13 If the race ends whilst the safety car is deployed it will enter the pit lane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking.
  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah

    Hey Cav - i"m not butting in -- it's called participating - try it sometime - instead of pontificating - no grudge here man just observation but thanks for listening dude. now back to the rules 40.13 If the race ends whilst the safety car is deployed it will enter the pit lane at the end of the last lap and the cars will take the chequered flag as normal without overtaking. just wondering?? How can the race end under the safety car if the safety car leaves the track before the checkered flag???
  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah

    Teddydub. Don't worry about Cav I doubt you will ever change his mind about anything no matter how wrong he might be. He is probably just trying to p**s you off so you can be as miserable as he is seeing his erstwhile hero demoted. Most people here have learned to take cav's posts with a ton of salt - don't let him bug you. I will say this though Cav got it right when he titled this thread HAHAHAHAH... it is funny to see Schumi learn that it was fine to cheat when he was in the red car but not so fine to cheat in the silver car. now to what I really think about today, as if anyone cares... I think it is a shame the lights went green when they did and yes it is confusing and stupid that it happened, and yes it is totally entertaining to see Schumi pass Nando in such an opportunistic way - was it really a cheat? - I don't know maybe he saw the green lights and just went for it - then again it is Schumi and regardless of his accomplishments there is also that evidence of his past willingness to out and out cheat, and furthermore to say he would do it again...so given that what is any good steward to think??? One more thing I think it is great that Schumi is doing what he wants to do and racing again, more power to him for doing what he loves
  7. Some Interesting Articles On Global Warming

    You are correct about the Spitfire rear end being...well swingy...nothing to worry about though just add about 3 degrees more negative camber or bolt on a camber compensator. Truth is an active rear end is always more fun don'tcha think!
  8. Some Interesting Articles On Global Warming

    Strags, Thank you for taking my thoughts seriously. Sorry about misunderstanding your thought re "cull needed" I thought it was implied but as you point out you never actually said that and only noted it's probability/inevitability. I applaud your efforts to live your life the way you choose in order to meet with your own interpretation of sustainable and ethical living. I hope/trust you afford the same choice to others and respect them even when their choice and interpretation does not align with yours. As to the temporal nature of environmental damage resulting from human activities, I have worked in the geosciences’ for nearly thirty years and do tend to think in geological time lines, I recognize this tendency and acknowledge it's short comings. However, I also believe this tendency brings, important perspective that can benefit our understanding of current anthro/enviro issues. Now...back to work..... let see..... Oxygen isotope 18 is heavier than Oxygen isotope 10 ....and therefore it precipitates out first in colder conditions resulting in ...and...this is demonstrable and repeatable given certain conditions......current influences of the radiation levels and measures of trace elements reveal.... conclusions are...given biofringence and optical/electron backscatter patterns point to.....bla bla bla cheers
  9. Some Interesting Articles On Global Warming

    Adam. SO much of what you cut and paste is old news and really has little or nothing to do with the social engineering exercise that has become known as AWG/co2 greenhouse gas theory. It's true many changes on this planet are connected to human activity in the past nano second of earth history. However many of those changes that you cite as supposed "proofs" are temporary, or localised, or just plain normal change on this little old planet where change is the only real constant! If you really believe that a cull of humanity is needed or that we shoud try to shrink the population of the planet then I offer the same advice I gave Dr Suzuki. Lead by example - you go first! ahhhh too big a step, well then run don't walk to the nearest Urologist and get yourself snipped! I mean neither of these suggestions to be taken seriously but only offer them to show where you line of thinking inevitably leads! peace out dude and enjoy the interglacial while you can!
  10. Kopitegirl Aka Steph

    Steph Get well quickly. get well get well. everyone is cheering for you!
  11. So When Will The Button Critics Shut Up?

    You know, Hamilton was really tearing up the track behind Button and he was actually catching him, until the team called him to come in and change tires. Just wait till Hamilton finds out that it was Button's engineer who first noted the graining on Hamilton's tyres and suggested a pit stop might be in order. His strategy = Age and treachery will always triumph over youth and ability.
  12. So When Will The Button Critics Shut Up?

    Button's championship was no more a fluke than ...say JV's.. or Kimi's or say... several of the championships won by the German guy in the red car that was so much quicker than all the other cars for sooo long. Button drove well enough to win when he had the best car and when the car was no longer as good he drove well enough to stay in it. There is not much more a driver can do....except occasionally make a well timed call for new tires! well done Button!!
  13. Boring-Gate

    just riffing here but what if they were to give a point or two out for the driver with the most on track overtakes that stick to the end of the race. They could do this in addition to the rest of the points for finish place from first to tenth the way they are now. that way there are possible points beings earned everywhere on the track. telemetry would tell you if anyone is fudging with the system and trying to "fix" overtakes.
  14. Can You Believe This Guy?

    Who cares. it's done! past nada and they found no fault in Alonso so....Who cares!