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  1. Oh dear Cav! I read these posts today when Girl_Racer showed me the thread and how I laughed to myself. How could you have ever have written them off? We won the CL only 2 years ago with a side that is only HALF as good as the one we have today. I'd say winning 2-1 at the Nou Camp shows that we are seriously threatening to win this competition for a SIXTH time in our history... Where did you draw the conclusion that we wouldn't win? Looking at the Premiership perhaps? Well I have to say we've been a CL side since Benitez took over in 2004 and boy, we've just beaten the best team in Europe in my opinion. 2nd Leg should be simple enough for us. Given your predictions on the Liverpool match, I wouldn't bother setting up a book keeping business, you'll be bankrupt after 1 week.
  2. Oo! Okie. Is that a promise? ;P

  3. We finished 2nd! I won 4 times and Girl_Racer once. So like Wez said, it has nothing to do with the car but how you set things up.
  4. Bring it on! The harder you make this game the better as I LOVE a challenge and as a compliment to you guys here, last season was the closest and toughest one I have had yet but it also see me see a new personal record of 4 wins in a season.
  5. Thanks! Although we've moved to the "A" Honda team for this season, I wonder if we'll do as well? I'd like to wait for a full grid I think. Much better with 22 players PLUS I'm not around much the weekend but whatever you guys decide, I'm very much in!
  6. Hey guys, when are we starting the new season? In a few days?
  7. All customer engines are going to be restricted in development obviously compared to the manufacturer teams as nobody wants to see a customer engine outperforming the manufacturer cars! If the engine deal is within the Red Bull Corporation then surely the Torro Rosso team can use them. I'm sure Newey designed parts will go onto the Torro Rosso car next season too altough again restricted parts. What if the customer Ferrari engine is better than the customer Renault engine? Would Red Bull swaps the engines over? It would be chaos... Am watching this one with alot of interest!
  8. Same here, I was a Hill fanatic right up the that horrible race in Japan 99 when he parked up as he'd had enough... The saddest moment in F1 for me.
  9. A good post from you there mate and I admire your passion for JV. Only disagreement I have there is when he drove for Renault for the last few races of 2004, he was as good maybe as Alonso in qualifying but in the race he was nowhere. The 10 month lay off no doubt contributed to that as he proved in the Sauber the following year that he still had race pace and by that time he'd been driving an F1 car for a while again. I'm not being ignorant to JV, in fact I am a fan of his too but Button bashers ignore the fact that he beat JV when the man himself and other F1 drivers (Montoya mainly) said that Jense would be finished off. It never happened and I'm sure you'll agree that he never let a quality driver beat get the better of him at all in 2003. If JB wastes his career away at Honda then so be it, it will not stop me from supporting him to the day he retires from F1.
  10. Will be interesting to watch where they are in terms of pace on the grid now. I think privately, they will be looking at matching the pace of the Midland F1 cars who have improved alot of late. Whether that is out of reach, who knows?
  11. I don't have alot of time for Super Aguri and yes, they are a joke! When is their own chassis being debuted?
  12. Your comments are the funniest things that I have read for a while. Another sour JV fan who can't accept that he was perhaps the luckiest World Champion of recent times... He has not won a race anywhere other than Williams using the awesome Renault engine in 1996 and 1997. Any driver could have won the title there... Jenson finished JV off, statistics prove this. JV may have had politics or whatever against him that year but wasn't he supposed to be mentally strong?
  13. I agree with BMW although perhaps them needing more laps of late is not true as they are as fast as Honda I think now. RBR? Why you mentioned them I don't know... They have only made the top 10 cut once I think.
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