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  1. Schumi Is Dead In My Eyes Now.

    Hello everyone, i havent posted in a long time...But here we go...Micheal Schumacher Is the most successful driver in f1 history and continues to prove this(e.g his calm,quick performance in Monaco GP)---"Speeddevil", dude,you are out and out mentally handicapped...(yourself in paRTICULARLY) lack of respect and knowledge of F1 and constant Schumacher/Webber bashing stopped me bothering to look in the forum....Racing is about winning...to win you have to work hard, think hard and drive hard, and occasionally a mistake will happen.Schu doesnt need to cheat to win, you are an oxygen thief..go and watch some (g)IRL or molest someones pet, you moron
  2. Montoya - Is He Even Good Enough For Red Bull

    The only reason McLaren were unable to win yesterday was Kimi had to compromise his fuel strategy in quali......JPM had a great fuel strategy, but unfit people cant concentrate and be quick for long 1st stints....I think most Montoya fans are used to pulling the old"its only first race of the season" story----If i was paying his wages it would be the first race of his last season
  3. Who's Gonna Win The 1st Race In Bahrain?

    JPM will win? ....More like JPM will whinge.. or whine...
  4. Ferrari Engine Having Reliability Problems

    I agree...RBR, from the sound of it, have designed radiator ducting too small when trying to minimize frontal area on the car..with Newey and Ferrari Engines all they need is some good drivers now!
  5. Hill: Corporate Ethos Is Ruining F1

    I understand what Damon is saying too, but for someone who left Williams to go to Arrows for NO reason but more dollars, he is a part of the initial shift to the situation of 'selfish involvement' he speaks of today.......
  6. What's Your Occupation?

    Im blue collar (wage-wise), white collar(responsiblity-wise),low-life(public perception-wise) ..Car salesman!.....Cant tick 3 boxes!!
  7. Schumacher's Era Is Over

    Its hard to express a view to someone who deals in 'could of's and 'would of's and lets personal vendettas get in the way of balanced judgement,----make your word soft and sweet, cos you will have to eat them in 2006
  8. Schumacher's Era Is Over

    I didnt say that either...Man!...All im saying is this: a 7 times World Champ with what promises to be a very fast car VS Kimi in a McLaren(Alonso's team next year) VS F1s youngest ever WDC in a Team who are not committing to an 2007 season? ..that would tell me to put some money on Schumacher,simply as he has nothing to lose and less pressure to prove his worth
  9. Schumacher's Era Is Over

    No...what kiko1 said was he could still win...and with the 'Ron Dennis-inspired' Sh*tfight surrounding Alonso & Kimi in 2006, I think it may make Schu's path to WDC less difficult..(i said less difficult, not easy)
  10. Schumacher's Era Is Over

    Keke could be right, but i think he is relating to Schumachers domination of F1 in the face of extensive rule changes, and the fact the younger generation/newer drivers will adapt quicker to these new rules---Take 2005 for example; it was about time some drivers beat Schumacher,his era should be over, but i suspect it isnt.
  11. Who Hates Michael Schumacher

    No, actually, utter sh#t doesnt take long to write...even with severe brain damage,evidently...Apex- if anyone needs to respect F1, its you, for polluting the world with your fantasy-post.....
  12. Driver Statistics

    And ive even heard of a driver having lost a race before exiting McDonalds Drive Thru..screaming at attendants and ramming cars from behind because he was one McNugget short in his 20pack... J P M
  13. Di Montezemolo: Schu Is Our Future

    I wish i could see your face first race next year when the 'past master' passes a dirty big champagne bottle over the front rail of the podium..
  14. Juan Pablo Montoya 30 Years On...

    JPM is a fast driver but his personality and nature beat him before his co-driver has a chance to...The only way Juan will win a WDC is with a team that can deal with a [email protected], a chas/eng/tyre package that can take extreme abuse, a ban on Tennis matches and Motor-cross( and whatever else he does to injure his wrist)...and a calorie-controlled diet with plenty of exercise.