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  1. China Race Thread

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/1713 HEAVY RAIN FORECAST!!!! http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/busi...urLink_business 40%-70% chance of rain during the race time slot! I can't wait. If it rains i suspect the Red Bulls will be unstoppable... going on Sepang form... t-3 hours
  2. *pole.... man im way too tired!
  3. I for one think he prob deserves it.
  4. Driver Of The Day-italian Gp

    Webber 3seconds faster than coultard!
  5. Driver Of The Day-italian Gp

    fastest laps Pos No Driver Team Lap Time Of Day Avg Speed Time 1 1 Kimi R
  6. Idiot Of The Race

  7. Does anyone think Alonso will end up at Toyota next year if they win a race this season? They have the money to pay him!
  8. 2008 Prediction Thread

    statisticlly if u are an american u wont vote anyway.
  9. Silly Season Alive And Well!

    Could Kova challenge hamilton for speed? i dont know if they want that... have they said if they want rosberg?
  10. Silly Season Alive And Well!

    just look at buttongate
  11. Silly Season Alive And Well!

    contracts mean nothing in F1, everyone is for sale!
  12. Silly Season Alive And Well!

    fisi to williams maybe?
  13. Im gonna throw this senario in the bag now! Renault: Alonso Webber (they are mates so no problems as at Mclaren) Mclaren: Hamilton Fisichella (they dont have 2 worry about who is #1, that will take care of itself) Red Bull: Coultard Kovalinan (adds a bit of youth to the team, which i think they need)