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  1. Man, I love that DVD, I watch it at least 6 times a year and who could ever forget the 6 wheel Tyrrel
  2. man, 18 cars=72 tires and about all of them came loose
  3. now this is a good end to a race
  4. then it would have been called the biggest mistake of his career, (probably because he would have taken MS with them as well) but thus is the line between genius and madman
  5. if only we could see the look on his face
  6. well then let get this in. a vid from the good old days before global warming and the extinction of rain
  7. i love these two, just showing how MS could pull out of the pig 96 Ferrari, pulling 8 tenths of a second in the last sector alone, too bad he hit the wall in the race Part1 Part2
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