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  1. Closed Seaters.

    Looking at some of the close up photos that have made their way around the internet of the accident and the medical team treating him, you can see that his head doesn't look have have sustained any real injury. The helmet protected him from outward injury. The problem is, that injuries like bianchi's occure because the brain is floating around in soup inside the skull. Even with a closed pit, his brain would still have smashed against the inside of his own skull. And there really is no way to prevent such injuries other than to have the decceleration happen over a longer period of time, ie. slower. In the old days this was never a problem because drivers died way before anything like this happened. Now the risk of injury in a crash is almost only due to things that can't be secured inside of the body. Bianchi's injuries are almost identical to Schumi's, the helmet protected the head but the brain still smashed into the skull.
  2. Canadian Grand Prix

    Looking at the telemetry they showed during the race the Red bulls with DRS are only just 1 to 2 kph faster then the Mercedes powered teams. That must be disheartening. Let's not loose sight of the fact that without the problems from the works Mercedes this would have been a 1-2 lead by 30+ seconds. Good drive my Daniel, but wow, what a botched strategy call by RBR on vette's pitstop. You almost never see those kinds of mistakes from RBR. Lucky for them FI had problems and they were still able to get into 1st and 3rd but it could have well been 3rd and 4th. Had they left vettel out it would have been 2nd and 4th. Lucky lucky luck for redbull. They may still be able to come second to Mercedes in the WCC
  3. Canadian Grand Prix

    Wow, with DRS Hamilton was 35 kph faster than vettel. Just shows how much more power the Mercedes engines have.
  4. Because he is Niki Lauda and Niki Lauda does not wear a team uniform or tshirt.
  5. Sounds About Engine Noise

    I love the new sound. I love the turbo noises. I love the fact that you can hear many many more of the pops and hisses and grumbles of the engine than before because they are not drowned out by the higher RPM. I also loved the v8's but the v8's were nothing like the v10's. Every engine has its own sound and feel. Maybe it is because I am a car guy and not just a driver fan that I like the sound. I love the engineering challenge of it. If anything this change in the rules has made f1 much more interesting for me.
  6. Malaysian Gp Qualy And Race

    So DR ran the entire race without a fuel flow sensor because it failed on the lap to the grid...... And how are these things supposed to keep the order?
  7. Redbull asked the FIA to have the sensor changed after friday because they felt it was not working correctly, the FIA did, then after saturday the FIA said to change the sensor back to the firday sensor becasue the saturday sensor was faulty. The real problem here IMO is that the FIA changed a sensor because it was supposidly fault then required a team to change the replacement sensor BACK to a supposidly fault sensor after the replacement was supposidly faulty. They should have changed to a third new sensor. Apparently all teams are having problems with the sensors. Apparently the sensor doesn't even measure the flow accurately so the FIA has given it a margin of error. This magin must be fairly large if some teams are running at 96%. so the margin of error could be around +-3% I think RBR might have more of a case than some people think. The fact that the sensor was changed at the request of RBR by the FIA is a key part here. If a part is suspect it should be replaced like for like. It makes no sene to switch back to a suspect part after it has already been replaced once. The rules also say that teams own fuel flow readings will be used if the senror is said to be faulty. The fact it was replaced once for being faulty is already enough to call it's readings into question.
  8. After watching FP2 I noticed two things. 1) I understand the FIA wanting to reduce Aero dependency but then not giving the teams anything to work with the increase mechanical grip was a dumb move. I can already see the cars never passing one another because they can never get close enough to each other. So the DRS zone is going to be even more of a factor and we will see even less overtaking outside of it. The car's need wider tires and a wider track. 2) There are some rookies who really should not be on the track.
  9. Sounds About Engine Noise

    After finally hearing them while watching fp2 on the TV I have to say I like the sound. Totally different but still really cool. I like the low range grumble.
  10. Redbull Woes Continue.

    The real question becomes just how bad is the car. If the car can't even make it through a quali or a practice without breaking down you can't really draw much from Vettel's performance. If at the end of the year all the Renault powered teams occupy the last 3 spots in the WCC fight with 10 race finishes spread over 6 drivers and 19 races you can't say the only reason Vettel won 4 years in a row was because of the car and this year proves that. Nobody here would argue that If you put Alonso in a Maurusia or a Caterham that he would somehow win a WDC.
  11. Will This Year Make Or Break Vettel?

    It is unimaginable. If the season started today the Renault powered cars wouldn't even matter to any part of the championship. F1 would be 16 cars instead of 22 really.
  12. Sounds About Engine Noise

    I was in Austin, and yes the sound is fun and all, but the sound really isn't the big thing. If anything it is the vibrations that go through your body and when you feel the backfires from the downshifts. Any sane person at a track would wear enough ear protection so that the sound is just as muted on TV anyway. But unless you are at the track you don't feel that anyway. I love cars and all that but I bet if given the choice between only listening to an F1 race and only watching it, 99.99% of people are going to choose watching it.
  13. Teams To Meet To Discuss Qualifying Tweaks

    Really the only thing I can see happening is that those teams that now just sit in the garage, will drive around really really slowly to save tires if they are forced to do a flying lap.
  14. Will This Year Make Or Break Vettel?

    Well, from the looks of testing so far, Vettel just finishing a race this season might just turn into his greatest driver ever. It look like the Renault engine is not just off but unusable.
  15. Sounds About Engine Noise

    I don't get the obsession with the sounds the cars make. I could watch an F1 race with no sounds and just commentary. I am much more interested in the lap times and tech and driving than I am in the sound. I think I rank sound just under the length of Jenson's beard hair in the list of important things about F1.