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  1. Raikkonen Scoops Autosport Honour

    5P33D3V1L just because alonso won the chapionship it doesnt mean he is better than kimi Look at the performances over the season...i think you will find 90% of the time kimi was better, the only reason he didnt win was because of engine & car probs
  2. Raikkonen Scoops Autosport Honour

    Kimi=Faster than Alonso Mclaren=Faster than Renault Mercedes=Less Reliable than Renault-To many failures! Thats why Kimi isnt world champion because Mercedes let Mclaren and Kimi down. Other than that in 90% of the races Kimi & Mclaren were faster end of story! Ps after a short break i just could not not post here again!
  3. Agreement

    Just to let you all know i dont care anymore if an agreement gets made because i am totally fed up this forum and mods. I am leaving this forum, this is my last ever post. I may look back at this site from time to time to see what is going on but as for taking part in this forum-not anymore. Goodbye to all and the great Senna Mclarenmatt
  4. Who Is Your Favourite Driver And Why?

    My fave used to be Mika Hakkinen until he left F1...if u asked me i would say he was quicker than M.Shumacher. Then he moved to DTM but i have no real intrest in DTM so i dont follow him that much anymore.
  5. Who Is Your Favourite Driver And Why?

    Ok but a lot of people say he "overdrives" the car and when his engine failed at silverstone he had limited the revs to around 18,600rpm instead of around 19,200 to save reliabilty!!! Just shows the engine wasnt up to scratch!
  6. Who Is Your Favourite Driver And Why?

    How is it his thought the car breaks? The cars reliabilty obviously wasnt up two scratch ( the engine definetly) and it shows how fast he is if it cant cope!!!
  7. Who Is Your Favourite Driver And Why?

    Personally i think Raikkonen is better than Alonso because he seems to handle the car better, get the car where he wants it and his understanding of the car. Obviously his raw speed is better too!!!
  8. Button Out To Prove Critics Wrong

    I think Jenson Button will find it hard to win a champioship because he doesnt have the raw speed of the likes of Raikkonen, Alonso & Shumacher
  9. Who Is Your Favourite Driver And Why?

    My fave is Kimi Raikkonen because of his raw speed!
  10. Cdg Wing Must Wait Until 2008

    I hate this idea....i belive doing these would make f1 better: 1) Go back to 1998-2000 aero regs 2)slick tyres 3)manual gears 4)no traction control 5)650-700bhp V10 This would make f1 exciting again!
  11. Agreement

    Damn Right!!!
  12. Agreement

  13. Agreement

    Hi all I belive we all need to agree that the forum has got out of hand and needs to be sorted out. I know there have also been problems with the mods on this forum. So...we should all come to a agreement that we will start from fresh, no enemys and no warning levels. Totally start from fresh, as for the mods admin(wes) should get someone to look over the mods to make sure they are not causing problems and doing there job right. All-in-all i am just saying this is getting silly, so with a fresh start we can all make this forum what it used to be again. Thanx Mclarenmatt
  14. Does Sato Deserve...

    i was usin my uncles internet
  15. Does Sato Deserve...

    Sato u use * do ya, cant actually write the word?