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  1. One Of The Most Biased Things I've Ever Read...

    I could not agree with you more.....! I too have become fed up with the manner in which these websites create their own stories within a true story. Is there not some sort of ombudsmen or complaint center that can deal with these idiots as it has gotten out of control! Gisgusting behavior by alot of them..... they think we are stupid and will not be able to find the real story links.... amazingly, they are allowed to continue day in day out! Too bad! Proudly Canadian
  2. 2006 Predictions

    Given the fact that alot of you have all but written JV off...... I will step out on a limb to say you will find him at the end of the year between 8th and 12th position! Please keep in mind he was only 2 pts off his team mate that is driving for Ferrari! It will all boil down to the car.... If it is capable of performing well, then both he and Heidfield should be in that range somewhere. I also strongly believe that BMW will finish between 6th and 7th position overall. I know this may appear arrogant, but this is what I am hoping for!!!!!! Hopefully my "pipe" dream will come true! Proudly Canadian
  3. Richards Attacks Villeneuve, Again!

    First of all, is it not disgusting to once again see this type of behavior from wealthy and supposedly classy people from the F1 world. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of sh*$ that comes from this formula. I do not think it is like this in other series! None the less, I truly hope JV takes the moral high road and lets DRs comments rest! For if he does not, I can see a war of words that neither will win. After last year, we all had the opportunity to see that Jacques is not a "monster" as DR would have you believe. The fact is since Jenson was chosen over DR by Honda, and for obvious reasons, it is becoming very clear that the "monster" within BAR over those years was DR himself.... JV Has always held true to his statements about DR creating a smear campaign against him, and the fact the DR made this public statement (for no good reason) clearly proves to the world that he has an axe to grind with Jacques. On this forum, and many others, people clearly agree..... DR is the one that looks bad from his article, and not JV........ JV still has a chance to at least leave F1 in a respectable manner.... DR does not. This is JVs last chance to prove to all that he was not a prick....... and that he always deserved a ride in F1. Whatever happens in 2006..... its in JVs hands..... and I for one am proud of the way he has stood up to the sh*$ F1 offers their people...... JVs uncle Jacques Villeneuve Senior was clearly as good as his brother Gilles, but chose not to stay in F1 because of the environment..... says alot to the world does it not? Proudly Canadian
  4. Bias Reporting Becoming Frustrating

    First of all, let me start by saying I read this forum everyday, but never have been a member! As I feel strongly about this topic, I finally decided to register and throw my 2 cents into the ring. As a Canadian, I must say that the reporting here is vastly different then what comes out of the UK. Sorry, let me re-phrase that.... The reporting around the world appears vastly different than what comes out of the UK. The article, as I read it, clearly indicates that back in September BMW was looking for "only" a test driver and not someone to replace Jacques. Lets be honest with ourselves..... if BMW truly wanted to get rid of JV could they not have afforded to do so? It appears to me that they had decided back then that JVs performances were good enough to honor his contract. If they did not feel he was good enough, do we not think they would have spent the money to get rid of him? Whether it was 10 or 20 million, it is truly a drop in the bucket for BMW. I think reporters, and even some fans want to find a bigger story in this than what there really is. It is my personal belief that the only thing BMW had to offer was a test seat.... It also makes sense that BMW do not have to rush into signing a driver for 2007. They are in the best position to wait and see who is available then, and whether or not one of their current drivers will earn an opportunity to remain. Over the course of the past year with JV back in F1, I truly feel that I have read some very disgusting reporting, especially from British reporters. I have also read numerous sites over the past year that have lead threads on the reporting from the UK, and how disgusted everyone is becoming by it. It amazes me that they do not read these sites, and listen to what is being said about them.... maybe they do not care, or maybe they care more about their sales numbers. Thank you for allowing to jump in to this great forum and I look forward to many more posts.... Proudly Canadian