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  1. I'm doing a research paper on this. I know that Philip Morris has a deal with Ferrari to advertise Marlboro for a few more years, however PM does not run the logos anymore even in countries where tobacco advertising is legal, Bahrain, Monaco and China. Can any of you Americans tell me what is still legal in the US? I think I saw the Marlboro logo when I watched the Indy 500 and I have seen the Newport and KOOL brands advertised in American magazines recently, but I've been told it is illegal now?? What is still left in Moto GP for anyone who watches it?
  2. Where To Buy Ferrari Hat With Marlboro Logo?

    Thanks everyone for replying. I managed to find one place that sells it unfortunatly it costs too much, $274 US Dollars
  3. Where To Buy Ferrari Hat With Marlboro Logo?

    I've tried searching already, asking at a forum is my last resort.
  4. No.27 - Missing You

    And so did I.
  5. Learning New Languages

    Well thanks for the information everyone. Honestly i'm only learning these languages to pick up women lol, so a question just for the ladies, which one is more romantic and sound nicer? Off to study....
  6. The Best Current Femal Vocalist In 'pop' Music

    Mariah Carey has a new album coming soon, rumoured to be Nov. 20 I can't wait
  7. Learning New Languages

    I've been studying french for a year and know the basics, but i've become interested in spanish and want to learn that as well. How hard is it? I find french difficult, but which one is more difficult in your opinon?
  8. Robert Kubica's Unlucky Season

    Jacques Villeneuve > Robert Kubica
  9. Speed Loses Point And Slams DC

    Well said my friend.
  10. 2006 Winter Olympics

    I believe yours is doing even worse mate!
  11. Welcome (even More) New Members!

    Welcome all.
  12. redline = David Richards in disguise
  13. Hockenheim Close To Bankruptcy

    I won't miss it if Hochenheim is lost.
  14. I agree to a certain extent. French Canadian coverage is excellent equal to any European country... English Canadian coverage is somewhat mediocre, wasn't always like that, in the 70s, 80s, 90s coverage was fine. We need somebody from Ontario or the west like a young Paul Tracy to enter F1, I think that would bring excitement. From what i've seen of U.S. coverage.. F1 was compleatly nonexistant over there..