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  1. Jenson Button Sucks

    Oh dear god, the romance has ended
  2. Where Do We Stand

    The reason you did not feel at home at atlas are threefold. Firstly, if you want to socialise there is the paddock club, for which one has to have a certain amouts of posts and ask the moderator for access. Secondly, your posts as 'oldtimer S' have not been of the same level as the ones you produce here, thus you have largely been ignored, whereas here one gets a discussion going no matter how obscure/degenerated posts one make. Lastly, its a forum for F1 fans, and not a place where lonely hearts go to in order to feel part of a band. The level of F1 knowledge and actual connection is well established, thus one need to act as an adult and show understanding. That is reflected in the language, level of personal attacks (almost non-existent) and the deep insight shown by most memebers.
  3. Where Do We Stand

    Be as upset as you like mr. aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi, i have not started any political nor racial threads for over a month, yet you seem deemed to brand my nationalistic threads any worse than yours? Thats rich. Correct. Freedom of speach is valued highly in any Wetsren society. If you want to infest our way of life with your primitive thinking, do that on your own accord, but you should not bit the hand that feeds you.
  4. So I Presume Nothing Was Done...

    How so? Its a subjective reflection, subsequently acceptable.
  5. Most Improved Poll 2007

    Well, you might be right, but according to autosport Gascoyne has had a mental breakdown after getting the boot from Toyota. That saying, with far less resources i doubt he could do more for Spyker in 6 months than he did for Toyota in two years. Maybe for 2008 when customer chassis will become the norm for the independant teams...
  6. Where Do We Stand

    The 'R' word? As in ridiculous, as in you? This is just too funny. Ever see Spinal Tap? Well you are the equivalent as a tifoso. UNSW 2007: Faculty of Computing; Be there!
  7. So I Presume Nothing Was Done...

    Its quite funny. Yesterday I walked through Rushcutters Bay and I saw a pile of *** ****. The first thing I thought was "oh my god, mock has melted". Go figure. edited by ecapdeville
  8. Most Improved Poll 2007

    IIRC, Spyker did two GP's in 2006. Sorry my friend, but for once your statistics fail you. Regardless, keep the maths coming!
  9. Pics Of U!

    Truly the essence of America. My girlfriend grew up (of lived 4 years in DC as her father was a diplomat) and she told me Merryland was beautiful, but not to that extent. It looked like a cross between Montana and Ohio to me...Sorry, I have only been to Miami..
  10. Prost Vs Senna

    Sadly, what is right with you is what is wrong with this forum. You have the feel for driving, while 90% of the members here have no clue about motorsport. Heck, some even does not have a drivers license yet talk about F1 as they are its high priests. Your post is the best for a long time, and you are the best new addition to this forum for a long time. Hope you keep such passionate and real posts coming mate! Cheers!!!
  11. Speaking If Spa

    Spa as a track has been evolving over the years, especially the s-curve before the first hill. This year will see changes due to safety and the new garage area, but the characteristics will remain mostly the same.
  12. Pics Of U!

    Beautiful pic. Is that in Anywhere Town USA by any chance?
  13. A Mclaren Movie?

    As it has it Bruce's stable has nothing to do with Ron's stable, so the movie will probably disapoint a lot of 'newbies' such a cav and his ilk. Nevertheless, it will hopefully be good.
  14. Prost Vs Senna

    I love your taste mate You know flash from steady Love you sig btw. Welcome to the forum!