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  1. Ms Offered A Nascar Test

    A lot of people in North America also think that Nascar isn't worth a glance and I'm one of those but that daytona finish was awesome. 0.2 sec. between the first 2 cars and a guy to cross the finish line on his roof and on fire... there's definitely something to be said about that!
  2. Jacques Has An Attack Of The Verbals.....

    Liuzzi is in the wrong car, I don't know what's up with him, but JV knows him better than all of us
  3. Jacques Has An Attack Of The Verbals.....

    Washed up? how is driving in the most prestigeous race on the planet with a great team beeing washed up? That peugeot is a great car out of the box. He might be in the front runners @ Lemans
  4. Who Has The Most? (f1 Merchandise)

    one rule, if you have to wear a cap. you can only do it if it's too damn sunny in your seat but only after you have tried a minimum of 5 beverages to try and cool down. If it fails, wear a cap and no one will say anything. Otherwise, it's unacceptable!
  5. He-of-the-unspellable-name

    title for Fisi? not in my lifetime!
  6. Where Do We Stand - 4

    Come to Montreal, it will be cheap for you with the exchange and all.
  7. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    and further more, a lot of straight guys like action from the back section in the presence of a nice lady!!! I am french after all, what are you going to do?
  8. The Things You Most Remember!

    My first race in 79' @ the circuit gilles villeneuve and the schumi/villeneuve scrap for the championship
  9. The Clean Design Of Panoz Dp01

    nice work, i like it
  10. Montoya Wins Daytona 24 Hours

    good for them! JPM definitely drove the wheels off that car
  11. What Do You Do For A Living?

    Yeah look me up but beware, I blow Sh#t up for a living
  12. Bravo Fernando

    Maybe, but this is sweet for now
  13. Webbo Slams Schumi!

    Cheers to that, I'm a big fan of saying things the way they are
  14. What Do You Do For A Living?

    Are they in Canada?
  15. Alonso, Raikonnen Or Neither?

    Personality? who cares, he will be blistering fast in the scuderia