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  1. Oh, For George's Sake!!!

    That day being your birthday, baldy??? How's it going mate, Just passing by, noticing that i'm missing out on the good stuff.... Ohh Sh#tezer!!! the forum got a spell checker... well too late now...
  2. Happy Birthday To Me!

    Meh, you oldie, Paul got me back to make this post, from my retirement... Sorry for the delay... Hope you had a blast and a great Birthday Here to many more Anyways, Hows it going mate ?
  3. Wisdom

    Nice One Steve...
  4. Another Birthday??!!

    A Belated Happy Birthday to Tommy and Jay... Hope you had a blast Just a troll... Nothing to see here.... Just passing by.....
  5. Karthikeyan Back....

    I'm sorry not following F1 like i used too, but what is Karun planning to do? However, its obvious, why he turned it down. He was racing much better/faster than Bruno (in F1) and yet they shunted him...
  6. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Everyone.
  7. Happy Birthday George!!!!

    Happy Birthday Mate
  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone, and a Happy New Year Btw, Paul, You mean this year Baldy has been good enough to get the Coal!!! Man have i been out long....
  9. Happy Bday Ankit Goferrarigo!!

    Only since you put it that way Paul... We'll if Andres allows me to reenter, maybe i could come back... That's right, he's the culprit to banish me from TF1... jk. Since it's xmas time, work is slow, so i'm trying to be on... (2nd day in a row )
  10. Happy Bday Ankit Goferrarigo!!

    Actually t'was a flying visit, wouldn't have even posted, had it not been for this thread . Honesly i want to stick around, but can't seem to find the time from work. Also my passion for F1 has decreased. I still watch races out of habit and would probably go the race in Noida too... but, just not the same passion as earlier... I do also want to make a thread, but that would require me some time to collect my thoughts and type it out.... Hopefully soon....
  11. Happy Bday Ankit Goferrarigo!!

    Thanks Mr. KennethFred. It seems your the only one to remember i used to exist Was wondering, how my name popped up... Though, interesting to see new faces around here...
  12. Happy Birthday, Ankit/Goferrarigo!

    Yeah Paul, you have truely a special place in my life... (Always good to keep a backup ) Yeah definatly, after one year of forum experiance anyone of us can join a team... Quiet a few times, we can beat the commentators at their game... Awesome man... Send me a pic of the car on display Thanks mate...
  13. Happy Birthday, Ankit/Goferrarigo!

    Thanks Stevie. Hope all's good, with you and Paul/Andres the Misses Thanks Abbas. Kya chal raha hai yaar, Designing school kesa hai? Thanks Wez Thanks Jez Thanks Paul, ol Buddy. Since even i'm late in all replying, your well in time Yeah likewise. I was wondering what Andres was upto with the Gofer stuff... Has been mixing with them now?!?!?!? Yeah likewise, and i haven't even come that often That Post definatly beats Paul's post, I'm sure everyone will agree Sorry Paul, like always you have been discarded when something better came along. (jk) (Man i miss coming and having such fun typing posts...)
  14. Happy Birthday, Ankit/Goferrarigo!

    Thanks for remembering mate. I think for all these years, your the only one who starts birthday threads for me... [Warning: Thread count hogger ] Sorry mate for bing "lost" but RL has taken over and F1 frankly i have started having very different opinions about this (mainly since a year ago), which i wouldn't want to bore anyone else with it, thus i restrict myself to the cafe and only view topics/replies in F1 discussions... Yeah i know Ferrari arn't going anywhere, Though we do have Kimi going, BMW leaving and lots of stuff... BTW can anybody update me on what the hell happened to STR quiting due the build your own chasis rule?? Thanks Schumikonen. Yeah we have been dreading this ever since Schumi left, Well time to mix it up with our "enemies" - Ecap and Andres, get ready to be shaken!! Thanks.. About "wan" ing i was thinking some other words like with forks and maybe spoons Thanks, My daily post count is still pretty high, considering i haven't posted much since a year... Thanks Daniel, How's BR going for ya? Thanks Elgo Thanks JHS... Can't quite put a place on who you are though (Maybe YHR???) Thanks Girl Racer, Seems Drib took the right meaning of that post for sure...
  15. The Offical Game Thread

    my id is anky2cool, it's a good free game for lite playing, not using your head too much and nice speeds on some tracks... I prefer the dirt ones, luck is more valuable in that than skill... Yeah i didn't intend to buy it anyways. I only buy games which i want to play online, the single player ones i "rent"