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  1. An Open Letter to Renault Stakeholders The last two years have seen a substantial increase in the Renault share price and thus an increase in the stakeholders net worth. This increase has corresponded to Renault's success in Formula One automobile racing (World Constructors Champion and World Drivers Champion in 2005 and leading in both categories in 2006). Assuming therefore that there is a direct correlation between success in Formula One and an increase in stakeholders net worth (and if there is no correlation then why are stakeholders assets being used to pursue the Formula One adventure) then the corollary that a lack of success in racing would result in a decrease in stakeholders value must also be true. Spearheading this success has been the superb driving and team leadership talents of Fernando Alonso who, unfortunately, will not be competing for the Renault team next year. His team mate, who will be driving for Renault in 2007, has proven to be a very competent yeoman of the sport but has not yet demonstrated championship level driving ability nor leadership qualities necessary to galvanize the team around its most high profile member. To fill this gap the current proposal is to engage a very young man of undoubted potential but with no track record in Formula One racing and who has not yet had the opportunity to demonstrate any leadership qualities he may have. Are Renault stakeholders ready to confer the preservation of their worth on someone who, to use analytical jargon, has a double digit beta? Were this young man the only option then the risk would have to be taken. As it happens he is not the only option and a much more risk free possibility is available in the person of another currently active Formula One driver, Jacques Villeneuve. Mr. Villeneuve has impeccable championship credentials, particularly with Renault, having won the 1996 and 1997 World Constructors championship for the Renault engined Williams team and the 1997 World Drivers championship with the same team. Subsequently he has piloted the startup BAR team to its successful buyout by Honda. On track performance is the only measure of success in Formula One racing and Mr. Villeneuve has amply demonstrated that he is capable of winning at the highest level. Given that the goal of any enterprise is to protect its stakeholder net worth, the course for Renault management to take seems clear. Roy Hodgson Corporate Investment Strategist and Renault Stakeholder. --------------------------------- Found this on another board, feel free to spread and discuss
  2. ben_3001

    Pics Of U!

    So you date Teen Tifany? You do know she has a pay site on internet....she started out posting just skanky pics like those ones, but now, like all sluts sold out and poses nude.....might want to talk to her about that..... nice try tho Another 45 year old, living in his parents basement dreaming of internet girls. These threads are awfully pathetic may I add
  3. As much as I don't see JV there, I really don't know about the "young" driver at Red Bull. Recently read a very good article on Red Bull's next step in marketing and after basicaly having conquered the young age base group in clubs and extreme sports they were now focusing at the 30+ age group. Exactly JV and DC crowd. Their new objective is to gain control of the office areas and replace coffee. So they might want to mid 30 yet still young guys as PR tool......then again I just really don't see it happening so....
  4. Red Bull will have to create another team it seems
  5. Yup and JV seems to have found the perfect tyre he has wanted all year. Yesterday with Michelin he was testing serveral tyre compounds and cassings and he seems to have found incredible results (nearly 1 second) JV is excellent with his tyres. Just look at Barcelona, he used the softest tyres avaible that week-end on a full fuel load and after 40 laps he was saying the tyres were still perfect and if they would of been avaible, he could of used even softer tyres!
  6. As stated by many before this is bure bulls##t. Ralf has a more then bullet proof contract and it is worth quite a penny. Why the hell would a team like BMW who is growing spend that much money (his contract is at 25 m according to F1 racing mag)? Jacques is doing a great job and has surprised everyone. Nick, Mario, Robert and Willy have all been very surprised by his results so far. He is equal and if not slightly beating Nick so why not use the rumoured one year extension close on his contract that would cost next to nothing for BMW!? Plus a little information I might add, yesterday, JV on his quest to find the absolute softest tyres possible in combination with a new rear wing found close a second in the F1.06. Such performance boost are very rare and was great surprise for the team. That was the interesting information and results the team was talking about in it's news release yesterday. That was exactly the reason Sauber hired him (and Mario should keep him). When Peter hired him he said that he wanted JV because he knew that Jacques could find 1 second in the car.
  7. BAHHAHHAHhAHaH GREAT PICTURES!\ Here are my captions, please add your own! "That was some mighty tasty pie" "I have to try and win with these piece of sh*t ? " "Oh Felipe!!! Continue like this and we just might keep you next year! " "There were soooo many of them! I DIDN'T KNOW WHO TO CRASH INTO!!! It was crazy!"
  8. Allright folks you know the deal, vote and explain. Jacques Villeneuve or Giancarlo Fisichella I vote Jacques Villeneuve for many reasons. Put very very briefly, Fisi is not up to the task right now, he has the best car on the grid, many years of experience and yet he still can't manage to even challenge for the WDC. JV on his first year in the best car was atleast able to give Hill a run for his money and come in second place in the standings. The next year he was able to win the WDC. Not only that but Jacques is much more smarter on the track, a better tester and can deal with stress much better. This week-end's incident was just another clue to me that Fisichella is not taking the current stress very well... Anyways, discuss and please let's not turn this into a thread of personal attacks...
  9. I concur, however the pit crew really dissapointed me. After Imola mess-up today they had one job to do and it was to get JV out in front of Fisi, it was the only way to get in points. The team was lucky that drivers retired, JV had Fisi and JPM on the track tho! Never the less, one more race, one more point finish for JV and the team! Now that should start shuting up some critics about his speed and talent
  10. Wonder what Briatore thinks of all this....
  11. Last time I checked wasn't Q2 free fuel loads as well!? I would say it's the other way around. JV must be on a 2 stopper and Nick on a 3 in order to get a good start.
  12. I find it very ironic that he called Villeneuve unprofessional when he goes off and storms into the BMW-Sauber garage and yells at JV for nooo reason! JV was not even close to him and he didn't block him, everytime a driver hits traffic now are we going to start giving them grid penalties?! Damn if so I can't wait till Monaco. Ridiculous. Fisi must be feeling a little too much heat at Renault after doing barely nothing
  13. Just wait till Alonso gets his hands on it. But the BMW P86-b, if those numbers are true, would be the most powerfull and fastest engine on the grid!
  14. Don't under-estimate BMW this week-end. The new P86b is in and it is rumoured to be pushing 760bhp with 22 000 rpm qualification rev limit and 21 000 rpm race revs. NH loves the track and is very confortable there. Also being in front of home fans always is a plus. JV on the other hand has allready won here, yet doesn't really like the new track layout. So anything can happen. BMW will want to show that they are becomming a top team so they are going to go all out. They also are going to be running the most tender tyres in the paddocks that JV has been pushing for in a while, so that should be a big plus! Renault also have B spec engine so they should be on top of their game here.
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