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I don't want to think about it!!

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This is a quote....

"Hakkinen suffering from a bad bout of flu looked extremely uncomfortable both in and out of his car, complaining that he kept sneezing into his helmet. "It is a disaster," said the demoralised Finn "It is a big gap to the front. I wish I could explain what has happened but it is too complicated." he talking about the race or what is happening inside his helmet?


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"Hakkers" what a great nickname.

I wonder if it refers to the dud golfer type hacker or the computer nerd type?

Either way, in light of his not getting off the line it seems to fit.

As for sneezing inside his helmet Andrew you are right, I don't want ot think about it either. Yuk!!!

Did you see schumis post race interview?

When asked why he did a less than perfect start his reply was: launch control didn't work so I did a manual start.

How good is that? Realise there is a problem, not stall the car, switch to manual & still end up third at the first corner.

Do McLaren have an auto/manual swithc or did Mika just blow it?

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