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Milionis Leonidas

Comments on Montreal

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I think that you all agree that in Montreal we saw one of the best races of the season.

That's how I see things:


What is going on there? I'm afraid that if they continue like this the next championsip is theirs. At least the driver's one.

The car was fantastic and RS did a job that even MS would envy. Montoya was again dissapointing and he would destroyed the race for the brothers, if Coulthard had more fuels and was more competitive. I do not know for sure if it was his mistake, but if it was will somebody take him out?


Ferrari were better, not as much as I would like(WAKE UP YOU IN ITALY), but at least kept up with BMW on the sraights.

MS was good as usual and RB showed something great on the start but then it seems he got a 'Montoya Disease', and finally he was unlucky enough to be behind the 'driving disaster'.


At first I thought I would enjoy a 3 men battle, but you cannot have it all, can you?

DC was not there and Hakkinen was good enough for a Sauber Driver.


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Yea, Millie.

I like the idea of a "Montoya disease" but Monty caught it from Katyama who caught it from De Chesaris (or as he was known De Crasheris).

Seems like every generation of drivers has to have at least one who gets his ambitions mixed up with his ability.

Great race though. Well worth getting up at 3am to watch it.

As I've said before it's good to get away from the MS & MH show & that BMW engine is the business if it can hang together for a full race.

Does anyone know what happened to DC's engine, it certainly was a big blow up.

Nurburgring should be a real spectacle, drivers can even overtake there!

MS to win the WDC because like him or not he is still the best driver out there by quite a margin.

Go Ralfie

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Who can really say what happened to DC's engine. I don't think that we the fans of F1 get any real information about the technical aspects of a race.

Maybe that's the way it should be, anyway.

As for the WDC I hope it goes to MS, although I pray for a close fight. It's the WDC of 2002 that I'm concerned with, since in Williams they talk even for a second place this year!

Could be to far but would it be great to see a three men fight over the three first positions?

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