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Selective Amnesia

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I think to say the macs outpaced the ferraris is bullsh*t.  If that were the case then why wasnt a mac on pole, and why did it take so long for them to get ahead.  I felt bad for Mika, at the same time I was laughing my head off, but MS was ahead for a substantial part of that race too.

I think the best part of selective amnesia came from Ron Dennis.  DC has brain fade on the grid, what about Mika in Brazil?!?  I dont remember Ron making such comments then.

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we havnt got brain fade as an unsupporting team member said ... which reminds me i am suggesting to dc to move to team that deserves him rather than his boss hassling about something another member of the team did a little while ago.

mika suffered problems on the last lap 5 corners from the end schumie had probs heaps earlier this is why he seems robbed of his joy we havnt forgot imagine you can taste the champers then my god what s happend that bloody benz again!!!!!

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There is something, i think, in this ferrari tyre business.

Spain was at least the third instance of severe tyre problems causing a ferrari loss (or in this case almost).

Is it their set-up or what? Des anyone have any views?

As for engines, here is a simple little table I have made based on 22 for first 21 for second down to 0 for non finishers & honda divided by 2 because they have 4 cars running.

PlaceAfter round 5











OK they are crude figures because lots of non finishes are due to crashes etc but as the teams never admit the real reasons for their troubles they are prorbably the best we can hope for.

Go ralfie!

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