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The best free online simulation games of 2018 are here to reinvigorate both your mind and your body. Humanity has come along way since our humble beginnings of tree-dwelling and tool making. These days we have more technology and information at our fingertips than ever before, and this gives us more freedom when it comes to how we spend our time. We have opportunities that people who lived even as recently as twenty years ago were not afforded. So, what could possibly be interpreted as negative about living in 2018?

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One point of contention that has risen to the surface of politics and popular media in this new age of humanity is a push for total homogeneity. That is, we are all coerced into being the same no matter our race, sex, orientation, etc. While there should never be any discrimination based around these differences, often times the very thing that makes us unique is the fact that we fit into a category that not everyone else else does. That is what gives us a sense of purpose. Men, in particular, have seen a diminished return when performing what were traditionally considered “manly” tasks. There is simply no need for them to take on the same responsibilities, and behave like men used to. As a result, many men have rolled over and become what is commonly referred to as “beta males”. How can free simulation games bring alpha men back from the brink of extinction? By reminding them of the stimulating feelings associated with being a manly man.


Nothing feels more manly than fighting and causing destruction.

Amazing Crime Strange Stickman

The thing that makes this real life simulation game stand out from the rest is its graphical superiority. This game is not just fun to play, it’s also mesmerizing to watch. The soundeffects, fluidity, and environment will make you feel like you truly are destroying a small metropolis. This should be a dream come true for any man, but in 2018 that is sadly no longer the case. These days men want to cuddle, or save puppies from burning buildings. Complete beta male desires.

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Amazing Crime Strange Stickman is all about unleashing primal male ferocity. Punch, shoot and blow things up to your heart’s content. Not only are you allowed to do this, you are encouraged. With this game, your love of chaos and explosives can finally be realized instead of suppressed under all of the modern expectations that are put on men. If this game doesn’t get your testosterone pumping, you may be too far gone for these online life simulation games to help you.


Perform some epic drifts and feel the manliness pour back into your heart.

Drift Hunters Will End Your Childish Search for a Romantic Partner by Showing You That the Whole World Is Your Bitch

In the modern era of dating, men are expected to find one romantic partner and stay with them for life. Whoever thought up this ridiculous notion was obviously a woman. Why on Earth would we stay with one romantic partner for the rest of our lives when we could have hundreds? With the advent of “dating apps” like Tinder, the notion of monogamy becomes even more absurd. On top of this, being monogamous has been scientifically proven to lower a man’s testosterone levels. This means less motivation to invent, conquer and pillage. Kick start your testosterone-mobile and start pulling off some ridiculous drifts.

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Men love cars. Whether or not you agree with the war in the Middle East, and regardless of if you think Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not, one thing is undeniably true: men love sports cars just as much as they love sports bars. Getting behind the wheel of some souped-up muscle car is the closest that some men ever get to the thrill of overthrowing a tyrannical government. Once you throw the concept of drifting into the mix, you’ve got a recipe for manliness that not even a Y chromosome can contend with. This free online simulation game will have you drifting so hard you’ll start to feel like a ship lost at sea. The best part is, you are not simply driving the car in this game, you ARE the car. Can you feel the shivers running up your spine yet?


If dragons don’t define manliness then what does?

Dragon Simulator Channels the Desires of Your Primal Brain into Raw Destruction

This simulation game on PC is all about living out your fantasy of being a fierce, fire-breathing dragon. For millennia there have been stories about men slaying these ferocious beasts and saving their kingdom. These stories are of course a metaphor for conquering our own inner demons, or the demons residing inside of other men. Dragons are not real, and never have been, but they represent the primal rage that some men can exude. They are hulking, menacing, and have an unquenchable thirst for gold and beautiful maidens. If you are lacking male confidence, you are in powerful need of experiencing what life would be like as a terrifying mega-lizard.

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With no societal rules, or cultural norms what would you do? Realizing the barabric truth can be distrubing to some, but liberating for others. With Dragon Simulator you can take a few minutes, or a few hours, and see what life would be like if you could stomp about the land and blow things up on a whim. Kill without hesitation, steal without regret, pillage without remorse and connect with your inner dragon. You can even meet up with some attractive she-dragons and make dragon babies together, should you so choose. This is what being a man is all about.


Get back in touch with what it means to be a man and play some free simulation games right now. Stimulate your senses and reclaim your place at the top of the food chain. With alpha males diminishing in numbers by the hour, it is more important than ever to grab life by the horns and start dominating.

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