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  1. off to Melbourne in the morning!!

  2. A belated welcome to all newbies!
  3. c21

    F1 Videos

    Mika was FUUUUUKING close to hitting Zonta! Imagine if they had collected eachother!
  4. c21

    F1 Videos

    I'll post it again, see if it works. good luck.
  5. c21

    F1 Videos

    Ok, I have a new one for you guys. Its a video from a Prost team marketing dvd I have, it has some old footage of Prost in karting and other lower formulas. The end is quite ironic though, when the narrator tells you of his managerial skills [url="
  6. c21

    F1 Videos

    This ones for Ykick!!
  7. c21

    F1 Videos

    Nice links! god that Jordan was a good looking car! I challenge anyone to find a better looking F1 car.
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