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  1. Pumpdoc

    Havent been around much lately also, Although i didnt know him well, i wish him a peaceful sleep and glad to hear the suffering is over. RIP Bruce....
  2. Five Years On

    Hello all, I have also been a member for five years, some of you may remember me and some not. Sadly I have not been able to post much for the past four years as I have been on a bit of a odyssey. But soon I'll be back home and hope to post as often as I used to. It feels like ages since I was able to add my two cents! Hope to agree/disagree with you all again sometime soon!
  3. Mercedes F1 Car 'Exploded' For Art

    Impressive, but not the first time http://www.solidworkstutorials.com/en/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/honda-f1-01.jpg
  4. Heidi In

    For me the best choice. A safe pair of hands, if the car is up to it he will score points and podiums.
  5. F1 Caption #3

    F**K im bored!! (wish I had an umbrella)
  6. Kers To Return

    +1 agreed! I like the idea of kers but I think maybe its more suited to endurance racing.
  7. Thats funny, I heard Peter Windsor say just last sunday that they were ready to race in march! What happened to the rest of the equipment and cars?
  8. Happy Birthday C21

    I'll never turn to the dark side!
  9. Happy Birthday C21

    Hi guys (and girls), Thanks for all the Happy Birthdays! Sorry I dont get on as much anymore, since changing jobs a few years back I dont get much time to be online anymore. and if I do, im not around enough to get my teeth into a topic (or arguement). I miss my heyday years like 06 and 07, but be sure that I am reading periodically from the shadows. Im not even sure who everyone is anymore! I think some people have changed thier names!! As for the Sauber fan stuff, Im totally bummed with this season so far but im hanging in there! Does anyone else have a soft spot for the little Swiss team that lost its parents? And to Steph, I hope your recovery is going well and that soon everything will be back to normal! Thanks again!
  10. Kopitegirl Aka Steph

    Though I have never had one to one conversations with Steph, I have often been reading from the sidelines and would like to wish her a speedy recovery and best wishes to her family. Hang in there and get well soon.
  11. Most Beautiful F1 Car

    only just noticed this one. nothing more to say really. Only the 91 Jordan comes close.
  12. The Greatest Ever Song Lyrics

    Right now I have two songs in my head.. November rain. Guns N Roses Just the way you are. Barry White
  13. Claim To Fame

    Come to think of it, he did have a terminator type grip. But you will have to tell me what the Turing test is. Ps, I made a typo, it was 2007 not 2008.
  14. Claim To Fame

    By this time im sure he was half p**sed and probably bored with people saying congrats. but he was exactly as i imagined, he was sat at a table quietly having drinks with a small group of people but was well manered enough to shake my hand and say thanks. after this i decided to leave him be.
  15. Claim To Fame

    Since you asked..... I met Kimi, shook his hand and congratulated him on winning the championship at the red bull end of season party in Sao paulo in 2008.