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  1. Is Alonso Going To Go Ferrari

    with massa as shocking as he is, it a possibility that alonso would go there i mean he must miss driving a decent car and Ferrari must miss having a decent competant no. 2 and i dont thinnk massa actually belives he is numer 2 driver as hes very reluctant to help kimi and alonso wud almost do ANYTHING to e in a championship winnig car besisdes he may not be able to beat kimi in the same machinary and Ferrari have so many goood technicall people it must help with kimis only apparent floor of tech feedback so ................... ooooooooooooooh i dont no could go either way
  2. Is Alonso Going To Go Ferrari

    whatya thinka???? would he, or is it already done?? http://totalf1.com/fullstory/view/252890/M...i_deal_is_done/
  3. Finally Official... Alonso To Renault

    just 1 hing i was wondering how big is FA actual wage its reported between 60-16 million euros and how big are these numbers compered to other leading drivers like kimi or hamiltons?
  4. Would You Hire Alonso?

    i wouldnt you can actually be a gr8 driver without thinking youre the best and voiceing youre false opinions everywere to the detrement of the team and youre teammate but then again lewis was also guilty of this hell kimi is a gr8 example of a very quick driver that never moans even in brasil when lewis obviously slowed him down on his fast lap he didnt shout his mouth of and when MM had he fast car s##t reliability like to see lewis and alonso shut up in both of those situations there as bad as each other!!
  5. Kimi You Naughty Boy

    kimi= ledgend wat a guy lol
  6. Hamilton Dating Pussycat Doll - Nicole Scherzinger

    those pic dont do her justice aswell if its true he might win 1 thing this year - hottest WAG other than 1 of britons bigest losers hes already gt that 1 in the bag!!
  7. 2008 Prediction Thread

    nope but he da man lol
  8. Mclaren: Why Not Bourdais?

    just a question on setup does the respective driver deside the setup the team r the tester or are both cars on the same setup?
  9. Ferrari - Alonso, Is There A Connection?

    he did have to ajust to a totally difernt team and tyres
  10. Ferrari - Alonso, Is There A Connection?

  11. Kimi Wins The Wdc!!!!!!!!!!!

    and alot of people said he would never win 1 championship no hes fully adjusted to the team/tyre he guna spank massa hami and alonso sooo bad next season well done kimi u derseved that and meny more to come btu also wat a race!! hangin on till the end
  12. Kimi's Replies

    and the latest one of his gems benie eccelstone said somthing like he would make a terrible F1 champ he just doesnt speak to whch kimi said i really dont care a walked of lol i do love him!!
  13. Fastest F1 Drivers Of All Time

    and kimi so low??????? if its just done on pure speed i mean wat the hell?????
  14. Rain In Japan?

    whatever weather hope 2 **** kimi wins it and massa 2nd and come on BMWs for 3rd and 4th
  15. Who Would You Like To Replace Alonso?

    dnt think any1 at MM now cares for the WCC anymore lol