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  1. Technical Reshuffle At Caterham

    Cheers Brad - Thought I might log in and see what you lot are raving on about!!!!
  2. Technical Reshuffle At Caterham

    Smart choice by Caterham really, I mean look at the situation VP can bring in plenty of Russian sponsors (the first of which has just been announced Sibur) massive exposure when F1 gets to Russia in 2014 (if VP is still with Caterham) over what JT brings to the team experience and a performance curve that is going the wrong way. Cash is king in F1 and even more so with teams looking to make the step up in resources ect like Caterham are doing now. Wise choice Caterham you have just replaced a driver who costs you money with a driver of equal (more depending on your opinion) speed and will actually bring money to the team. No brainer there, well played. Exactly right. Funny how a sum of money and the threat of legal action can make a person sound oh so sweet. Not until the dust settles and the legal time frames have past will we hear what JT really thinks of the current situation at Caterham. You still banging on about VL - Man it's been years, I admire your dedication!!!
  3. Happy Birthday James

    Happy Birthday James, have a good one mate
  4. Team'S Engine Usage

    Yes that's correct, and the same sort of thing in MotoGP but instead of a 10 place grid drop, you have to start in the pitlane 10 seconds after the rest of the field has started the GP. Now with the special dispensation Suzuki has been given they will / should avoid any such penalty for the remaining races of the season. Not an even playing ground in my opinion. It's off topic of F1 but thought it still might have been worth a mention in this thread
  5. Team'S Engine Usage

    Talking about engine usage, how about Suzuki's being granted an extra 3 engines to complete the remainder of the season. Do you think it's fair and do you think we would ever see such leniency in F1? I personally think its wrong; Suzuki should be made to play by the rules like every other team. But such is the measures that MotoGP will go to in order to keep them from pulling out altogether. I don't think that the FIA would ever allow such a dispensation in F1 and neither should they, if you can't complete at that level you just shouldn't be there, plain and simple.
  6. Dod Malaysia

    I can't remember the rules being changed mid season before. I've not heard of anything coming from the meetings held in Sepang to discuss any possible rule changes. Not to hijack the thread, I must say that I am becoming a fan of Vitaly Petrov
  7. Crash Webber

    Awesome old school footage. At least Mark has learnt to run square up the back of people over the years much safer than making wheel to wheel contact. Ah Lakeside what a track, just up the road from my place. PS:- Craig, Bargs has a full time drive what you talking about!!!!
  8. Dod Malaysia

    Jaime Alguersuari gets my vote for DOD, the guy is really coming of age this season. Impressed. Dud of the day / weekend is Ferrari, messed up Qualy, messed up Fernando with Felipe again, messed up gearbox and to top it off messed up engine with Fernando. What a c#ck up of a weekend.
  9. Bruno - Speed Up !

    Agree. Do we know if Bruno had a massive problem today?? He was lapped by Karun
  10. Willis Unimpressed By Hrt'S Car Design

    One of the big problems with the Dallara Campos / HRT partnership, was the problems they faced with the ownership of the team and just weather Dallara would in fact be paid for their work in the first place. The design process as stated by Willis was stop / start the whole time no doubt with a rotating group of engineers working on and picking up from where the others left off, no way to design a car in my opinion. If the gestation period for the chassis had been more stable and this is what was produced then of course we have a problem. Not all fault cam be laid at the feet of Dallara is my point.
  11. Great stuff Craig Well mark has gone half they way to redeem himself for his mistakes in Melbourne only a win in Sepang will be enough for most people to judge him worthy of the seat again. Classic case of Ferrari and McLaren thinking they know it all. How many times do they have to get caught out in variable conditions to learn to run the entire Qualy session because no one knows at what stage the track will be at its fastest. Great to see Robert drive down the outside of the cars lined up to leave the pits to leave first
  12. Give me a wet GP any day, variable conditions even better. Just as long as it’s not torrential storms like what stopped the 2009 GP mid race.
  13. Agree, Mark isn't the best when the pressure is on reasons for this are and tell me if I'm smoking crack but here they are: Seemed to drop off the Championship chase last year when he was in reach of Jenson, and now this year nothing short of a poor showing in Bahrain and Melbourne. Bahrian poor qualy lap in Q3 while Seb puts the thing on pole with a great lap whilst Mark messes it up to start 6th. Then the pressure of his home race, seemed to send him crazy in the race all set off by Red Bull being slow to react to get off the inters. Time to step up and be counted. Mike's favourite subject!!!!
  14. Tf1 Race Reports

    Thanks Mike. Craig (HandyNZL) has been selected for the 2010 Malaysian GP TF1 reporting duties. I'm sure he will do a excellent job. All done, posted in the Australian GP thread and set a PM.
  15. Australian Grand Prix Thread

    Okay, the nominee to be the official reporter for the TF1 race report for the Malaysian GP will be ..... Craig (HandyNZL), always feels good to dob in a Kiwi Will be good for the race reports to be done by some members from that particular part of the world I guess. And we all know that Andres report was done from Bahrain!!!! Wasn't it I will PM Craig now and let him know he is the next victim!!!!