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  1. Barcelona Gp

    Hi all, i havent been on here in a very long time - just wondering if anyone is going to the Spanish GP in a few weeks as im thinking about buying a ticket tomorrow and would be nice to meet with any fellow fans (especially as my interest is diminishing after the retirement of Schumi
  2. Driver Of The Day British Gp

    He also looked genuinely delighted to have won today which was good to see - hope he turns this new found enthuasism into points now so Ferrari can kick McLr
  3. Driver Of The Day British Gp

    MASSA!!! It was a joy watching him work his way through the field today, was really impressed with him KR - Not much of a Kimi fan but thought he drove an excellent race today too - great to see the Ferraris look so good again FA - pretty good drive from him too LH - oops, not quite the result he wanted/expected & just didnt look half as impressive today (yeah!!) HK - Really happy that he
  4. S Africa V Aust

    Get well soon
  5. S Africa V Aust

    well the general consenus is that Aus were very unlucky to lose today, their defense was excellent & they did have quite a few good breaks, Larkin kicked to his usual superb standard & Gregan passes the ball like Billy Whizz (though did hace at least 1 knock on & missed pass), they definitely do look like a much better team than the last year or 2 However although SA made a LOT of errors they still fought on & have also improved greatly in the last 2 years - the highlight though was the 2 drop goals for SA in the las 1/4 by a relative newcomer just 20 (these damn youngsters ) Very exciting game & i think if both teams iron out their silly mistakes & get better discipline it will be an excellent tri-nations & a serious threat for the World Cup - they make the NH teams look like amateurs
  6. Usa Quali & Race

    yeah i guessed thats what happened though its hard to tell when the commentary is in Catalan (which i am appalling at!!!), hope he can shift some butt through the traffic tomorrow though Thought Vettel did a pretty solid job but then i have been surprised by the BMW
  7. Usa Quali & Race

    thought the car looked quite twitchy for Massa and he did look seriously gutted, hopefully this is a good sign & he expects much better things in the race Though Buttons car looked 1 of the worse when it showed an in-car shot, looked like he was driving a 1980
  8. Usa Quali & Race

    And Lewis gets pole yet again Firstly i
  9. Does Anyone Ride A Motorbike?

    dont have 1 but did have a pretty crap accident on 1 a few years ago - i was a passenger & we skidded on a pile of stones going round the corner - i wen 1 way, my shoes another & the bike almost in field I was very lucky as my friend only broke his thumb & i just cut the legs of myself with my knee bone cartlidge coming right through my skin - soooo painful, but could have been a lot worse - never been on 1 since!!!! ps - i admit i was wearing a skirt as id been to a party so i probably deserved it
  10. S Africa V Aust

    Just back from the bar (as usual) after watching the opening game of the tri-nations between S Africa & Aus Being a massive Rugby Union fan it delighted me to see 2 fantastiic teams who of late have not being playing well at all - but hey they are both back with a vengance!!!! Was truly delighted to see SA win as they have being building a team pretty much form scratch in the past couple of years, and although still have a long way to go, look pretty similar to when they were 1 of the best in the world As a NH (northern hemisphere of course) team supporter (Ireland be jasyus) it doesnt bode well for us meeting them anythime soon but will make for a much more interesting World Cup (which i will be at of course) - also makes for a pretty exciting next few weeks for the tri-nations All i need next is for Massa to grab pole today & ill be a happy bunny
  11. Hamilton Won't Win Title

    The way hes going i dont think youll have to wait too long!!!! As much as i would like to hate him i cant
  12. I Had An F1 Dream Last Night!

    Your a bad man!!!! Hey newredsuit tell your mum to keep her hands off my man
  13. Hamilton Won't Win Title

    I think EJ does have a bit of a point, in my opinion you do have to have a ruthless streak (no matter how small) to succeed in this game However, LH has clearly proved that he has raw talent, pure determination to win & succeed & an extremely level head for one so young - if he keeps his wits about him & keeps driving as cooly as he has been doing & of course has no reliability issues he
  14. I Had An F1 Dream Last Night!

    I used to dream about me & michael quite often, but im not sure those are the sort of dreams you meant
  15. Best Season Yet?

    I agree that the championship is exciting, wish i could say the same about the races though I like the rivarly bewtween Massa & LH - i really think Massa has stepped it up a gear & both of them seem full of confidence & hubger to succeed, i also love the fact that they both seem to really be delighted when they reach the podium, you can see how much it means to them Heres hoping the battle between them continues all season as id much rather have either of them win it that KR or FA