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  1. Brawns Should Be Parked

  2. Brawns Should Be Parked

    Nice to see you again though after a long time, even if you did miss the humour
  3. Shouldn't you have been a bit more apologetic before mentioning the unmentionable..
  4. Brawns Should Be Parked

    You forgot the part where you were supposed to blame Massa for driving into the spring.............
  5. Brawns Should Be Parked

    Hmmmmmmmmm - a US based F1 fan - a rare species
  6. Brawns Should Be Parked

    Parked????? Are you serious? A lifetime ban in all forms would be more appropriate. Jail for Ross for attempted Manslaughter through insufficient safety standards amounting to culpable homicide esp considering there was no trigger such as an accident.. How can a part "fall off"???? Jesus! just imagine that thing coming at your head at 275 km/hr plus fecking frightening. FIA were quick to ban Alonsos car for a loose nut - what do we do about a loose killer spring (even if it hadn't hit Massa, it was still dangerous)
  7. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    Thanks! Good to be back. Lost all my faith last year when LH overtook Glock on the last curve...'sob'. Any idea where the rookie of the years has disappeared (got to do a Google on him, will brb) Ahhhh yes, Tiago Monteiro - remember that name ?????
  8. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    Is that the same norwegian worm we had to deal with a couple of years back?
  9. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    ALL HAIL THE KING !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    Dude, how are you ?
  11. Schumi Back In The Saddle Again

    Yeah, Like I really care a flying fack about JB. Get the pretenders off the throne! The King is back to claim his own!! All HAIL Michael !!!!!!!!!! PS: I don't really care a FF about the titles either, will just be great to sit back and watch the King race again...
  12. The Official Hammy Congrat Thread

    Hey, isn't Button a Brit too? are you supporting Ham just because he's a Brit and what happened to all the support for poor Button???
  13. Whatz Happened To This Forum?

    Many, many thanks to all for the warm welcome back, there's a sense of coming home! Nice to see many familiar faces around. Life has been cruel to me over the past year plus - I got a better job, much bigger money......big bonuses and all that stuff, but that has meant my idyllic hours on got severely curtailed. I have now something to look forward to next season, which is basically seeing Hamilton get his @ss whipped (Now here beginneth the era of some more interesting discussions on this forum). May be I should start a new thread "Official those who want to see Hamilton get his @ss whipped in 2009 thread" ????? Must say his gf was rather hot though
  14. Braziiiiiiiil

    I remember a thread two years ago on the same question and whether she could race nude or something like that ...or something like accidents in the pit lane while the mechs were staring at her boobs..... quite chauvinist actually (wonder what size she is..)