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  1. Spanish Gp

    Yes, rain , pour down, flood even ............................. go Red Bull!!!
  2. China Race Thread

    Yeah it was one of the best post race interviews I've seen "for a while".
  3. Briatore Remarks Scandalous

    Some classic comebacks from Frank and Ross :- After likening Jenson Button's pace to that of a concrete post, Flavio Briatore then said a Chinese taxi driver would do a better job than Ross Brawn of heading FOTA's technical committee. Asked if he had a rejoinder to the Renault boss, Brawn said: "I think change the medication!" Sir Frank Williams, meanwhile, amusingly responded to Briatore's anger about the diffuser affair. "Flavio would not recognise a diffuser even it is were stuffed with money," he quipped.
  4. China Race Thread

    I'm hoping it rains all season, those Red Bulls are awesome in the wet.
  5. Old Guard Going Bad

    I'm actually enjoying seeing them struggle. Ferrari and BMW are in shambles, McLaren are on the improve but still way behind the leaders. I find it hilarious to these "such top drivers" having to fight for the lower points. Just goes to show that F1 is all about how quick the car is and not about how good the drivers are.
  6. China Race Thread

    Woohoo!!! Great 1-2 Red Bull . Superb driving Seb, Mark and Jensen, well done. Looks like this will be an entertaining season after all.
  7. Shanghai

    Jeez I'm good!!!
  8. Briatore Remarks Scandalous

    If I had anything to do with Renault, I would be deeply embarrassed by those ridiculous comment. What a wank.
  9. Shanghai

    I think it will come down to who gets past Alonso at the first corner. If anyone does, they are in the box seat. If it rains it will give RBR the advantage. They were supremely quick in the rain in Malaysia. Maybe another Monza 08 for Seb?
  10. Shanghai

  11. Shanghai

    Vettel going for one run.........a big gamble.
  12. Shanghai

    And quickest!!!
  13. Shanghai

    Vettel not out yet ? Any news?
  14. Shanghai

  15. Shanghai

    Looks like McLaren have pulled there finger out