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  1. So dive bombing is now a legit move!?
  2. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    I know sometimes they update the news and clarify that it was an April's Fool's joke but why would I go back to read a news that I already read? and the worst part of all this is that I am not used to this date because in my country we have the Innocent days which is similar to this one but it is celebrated on December 28.
  3. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    Well, that news that I believed last year was the one about announcing that they will switch the live timing screen back to the way it was before they replaced the sector time for those stupid dots, I was so happy when I read that just to find the same dots the next race and not only the next race but the whole season but I realized that it was another one of those stupid April Fools day jokes after a few races of waiting for the change that never came. That was cruel because hat one was not as evident as the one about Kimi's son being signed by Red Bull.
  4. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    I just wanted to say that April Fools day is a very stupid day, year after year this people come out with stupid news thinking that someone will believe it and even if someone believes it is still stupid and it is stupid to waste a news space to publish those stupid ideas, anyway I may be the stupid one for rating about this but I still mad for a news that I believed last year and it turned out be another April Fools day stupid lie.
  5. Cafe Or Morgue ;-P

    Can anyone of you tell me if it is safe to post again here?, I remember there was a disease here that was taking over everybody's avatar, I am still running away from it.
  6. Japanese Gp

    That point behind the crash site was too close to the accident to have a green flag, that flag should have been on the next corner or post, specially being twisty area of the track, even after Bianchi's crash you can see the green flag being waived and the Marshall or flag guy looking to the crash maybe trying to understand what was going on, anyway that's only my take on that and I now that even under yellow flags they try to gain any possible advantage so there's no guaranty that this could haven been prevented by a yellow flag.
  7. Japanese Gp

    Hi everybody, I just watched a video of Bianchi's crash on and it shows a green flag being waived in th post right behind the recovery vehicle, maybe I am wrong but I think they should have waited until the recovery vehicle were out of that area.
  8. I'll Take That Victory, Thanks!!

    I enjoyed your race just like when watching live timing on, congrats to you, keep us posted on your next races, I know the feeling of going of track on a race, I used to do Go karts back in my country many years ago, at least you could continue your race, the worst feeling is walking back to the pits and watching the rest of the guys still having fun on track.
  9. Today In F1

    Why would they?
  10. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    [color=#000000][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3][background=rgb(189, 205, 228)]Grosjean posts a time of 1:18.218 to extend his advantage even further[/background][/size][/font][/color]
  11. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Yeah me too, but I expect his times to be very close to Grosjean's I think Kimi will do better in races than in these tests.
  12. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    That may be true but what is certain is that Grosjean just crushed Jenson fastest time by posting the fastest time of the week, remember that Jenson time was being called incredible I guess that will make Grosjean WDC even if he continues crashing a lot.
  13. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Reading this it was like listening to him once again, I actually heard his voice in my head and I am not saying I have mental problems just that it seems like listening to him and not reading it from, oh well you know what I mean if I actually meant something here.
  14. Was taht question limited just to Brazil or the whole championship? cause I rememeber Perez moving aside for Alonso....
  15. I don't know if anyone else noticed that Webber actually finished ahead of Vettel, they didn't even needed to tell Webber to slow down and let Vettel by to defeat the dirty trick players.