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  1. The Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix 2012

    "Sergio, Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?"
  2. Dod Malaysia

    Hmm.... Alonso for sure, followed by Kubica and Vettel. Not so easy driving without that clutch...
  3. Anyone else not surprised that Rosberg is beating Schuey? He showed good speed last year and I though Schuey could, at best, challenge him but certainly not kick his a## constantly. Tomorrow's race has promise... I predict Vettel will finally take that win.
  4. Current Driver Market 09/10

    McLaren is a complete career-killer team and I dearly hope Heikki finds himself a #1 driver spot from some other now midfield team, and that Kimi will never make the mistake to go back there. They only compete in licking Lewis' a##. He should agree to a major salary cut and go to Brawn. He probably has more money than he knows what to do with already, and soon loads more. What comes to Renault, I'm a little less optimistic than most of you that they are in the grid next season. How are they going to hunt as good sponsors as ING...
  5. Singa****ingpore

    What a borefest, again. Knew the live feed would be lousy that I considered driving over to my folks, I'm glad I didn't. Suzuka should be better, at least there'll be rain.
  6. Singa****ingpore

    I'm expecting to see some crashes and destroyed front wings that mite shake up the otherwise predictable pecking order. Hamilton often gets crappy starts but he should be fine with KERS and cleaner side of the track. I hope Vettel is able to make him work for his win. I'm cheering for ole Rubens, since I still don't believe RBR has chances to take the title. Let's hope it rains, haven't checked the forecast yet.
  7. The Offical Game Thread

    TN Forever is a nice game to kill some time with, I've played the series for two years already... only I can't stand tricky puzzle maps. One usually needs to play on the same server for a while to learn something and stand a chance. (my id is xwhiskyx) I'm currently playing Neverwinter Nights and soon about to start NWN 2, both titles I somehow missed aroudn the time they were released, despite myself having a strong fantasy geek gene. What are some good racing games for PC released within the last 3 years? I'm still playing rFactor, too.
  8. Renault Under Investigation?

    Well, Piquet clearly had no choice whether to crash into the wall or not or he coulda lost his seat, so I see no reason why he should be punished. I'm getting a bad feeling that this is neverthless enough for Renault to pull away from the sport... While a completely different case compared to SpyGate, some kind of $$ fine was expected or at least removing Renault drivers away from 2008 Singapore results...
  9. Monza: Friday, Saturday And Sunday

    It looked like Hammy simply didn't have a realistic chance to overtake Jenson, but him pushing 110% neverthless was just silly. Now the third place in the team rankings is much further away again. If they care about it that is....
  10. Yay Fisichella To Ferrari

    I'm surprised. Now let's see how fast Force India are in Monza and whether he's going to regret it for a bit... but good for him, maybe he can even score a point or two in the 5 races to help Ferrari.
  11. Alonso Will Replace Badoer In Monza

    Cav needs some anger management. Shhheriously I think the chances are 70/30 Gene/Badoer. What a slap in the face of Gene would it be to bring an outsider into the team now.
  12. Dod Spa

    I voted for Nicolaus because Williams were just so god damned slow on the straights that finishing 8th is actually a small miracle.
  13. Not sure what you're trying to say. The only way FI could have won the race woulda been to fuel Fisi longer in the first pit stop and hope he could keep up with Kimi on a little heavier car, then keep driving for a coupla laps longer and pass...
  14. Belgian Gp Practice, Quali & Race

    Congrats to Fisico for the pole I missed it because the live feed sucked. I hope Force India finally scores some points. Gotta wait for the fuel loads before speculating about the winner, but looks good for Barri.
  15. So Who Replaces Massa?

    Oops! I'll gladly eat my words with some kebab sauce.