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  1. Ben's Showbiz Gossip Column

    As a typical Finn..dont wana talk to much sry for that but im here now and then, reading your uber fine posts. Well our local newspaper said that Mika and Erja havent said nothing to the press yet but they will give a statement in the near future. Their trouble have started after Mika ended his DTM career.... They had too much time on their hands iguess
  2. Ben's Showbiz Gossip Column

    Mika and Erja is gettin divorced in Finnish
  3. The Official Happy Newyear Thread!

    Happy New Year you all!! I
  4. 2007, The Year It Was.

    totally agree...must say R Kubica surviving the crash was a miracle. Still hard to belive that Colin is gone
  5. Heikki Is A Macca Man

    yep..we Finns are wife thinks im superfast
  6. Heikki Is A Macca Man

    I noticed.. edited by ecapdeville: please keep the topic in just one thread. thank you, topic merged
  7. Heikki Is A Macca Man

    Heikki Kovalainen joins Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 2008 driver line-up. source..McLaren homepage YES YES so happy for everybody
  8. Kimi Focusing On Titles Not Future

    well i see it more like that he needs a convincing wdc title to crown his career... and that can take 1 - 3 years.
  9. Kimi You Naughty Boy

    today we celebrate our 90 years of indipendence here in Finland but no such thing as (Kimi)holiday
  10. Kimi You Naughty Boy

    some funny stuff iguess...anyone know german? Fiat kimi schumi
  11. Holy Camoly, Bruce!

    in our (Finnish) common drunk way i want to wish you a happy birthday!WOhoo whers my bottle....
  12. Who Was The Fastest F1 Driver Ever!

    1. Keke Rosberg 2. Mika H
  13. The Wrong-made-right Crusade

    Not bad Edu de Jager not bad at all. That text really tells pretty much how i see this F1 year. And of course being a non racist nationalist i have to be really proud of our Finnish motorsport this article written by Edu de Jager is spot on and Kimi do deserve it and the other Finnish F1 world champions. Kippis (cheers) another party in favour of Kimi is just about to start please join, you guys are invited
  14. Happy Birthday Rainmaster!

    Happy Birthday!partyyy
  15. Does Kimi Break His Toys?

    not a problem anymore..Finnish Mechanical Sympathy Club gave him few lessons