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  1. Oh Dear God I'm Getting Married.....

    Meh, it's not so bad once you get used to the engagement ring. But the conversations are something I may never learn to live with. "Wow, nice ring!" And: "Wow, how much does your ring cost?" And my personal favourite: "Wow, can I see how many fingers I can fit in your ring?" "......... STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY BACKSIDE, #####!"
  2. Oh Dear God I'm Getting Married.....

    I know I'm only 19 but I've been with my girl Sophie for 3 years now and thats long enough for us both to realise that we want to spend the rest of our lives together! I asked her today and she said yes, and next weekend when we've got a bit of cash to hand we're going to get extremely drunk and celebrate...... You guys are the first to know! Can't stop singing Otherwise, all is well. Melonade. Daniel.
  3. Another Type Of Racing

    ... That's awesome. EDIT: Forgot to quote.
  4. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

    Mclaren, Renault, Honda. I predict honda will continue to suck, even with a new aero package and winter testing. To all ye of little faith, Hamilton WILL clinch the WDC next year if there are no penalties. And Alsonso will give the disadvantaged Renault cars a decent lick of speed
  5. 2007, The Year It Was.

    F1 best: A season without Schumacher. F1 worst: All the accusations & spy scandals. Personal high: The end of a terrible relationship & the start of a beautiful one. Personal low: The whole lesbian incident. It's been one of those years
  6. Ferrari's Secrets

    Wait a minute. Does this disprove all the "moving floor" accusations of a few months ago? (Yes I revived a fairly dead topic just to say that )
  7. Not Very Technical But: F1 Modifications From 93 Onwards

    Crucial stuff. If we could go back to early 1990's shape with late 2000s knowledge & safety.... That'd be awesome. Bring back 1, 2, 3, 4. EDIT: Also, there is hardly any difference between Monaco & Monza on the 1990's car, does this mean that the cars handled much more similarly at the two tracks than today's cars? I wasn't around back then.
  8. Do You Play Any Instrument?

    Electric guitar, Encore KC3, & a Spanish accoustic. Haven't been playing long, but you gotta start somewhere
  9. Agreed. The FIA is one of the most hopeless organisations I've ever seen.
  10. Racing Heroes

    My mate Craig. Qualified last in a kart race due to tyre failure, went out on a worn set finished second after spinning twice. Also, used common tools, elbow grease and lots of time to personally balance the pistons & valves in the engine, and raised the rev limit from 12,000 to 12,300. Personally I'm skeptical of this, could anyone with more karting knowledge fill me in? EDIT: Actually, don't fill me in, just tell me if it's possible!!
  11. Front Wing Aerdynamics And Its Problem

    As far as I know, the engine does not take a steady stream of air, it takes thousands of tiny sips. Therefore the best airbox would supply a continuous stream of pockets of turbulent air (spherical?) that flow smoothly through the airbox and into the ..... next bit. I don't know if there is an air filter on F1 cars, namely becuase it must be hard to get one to work efficiently at high intake speeds. You would've thought doing 50/60 laps of a clean circuit wouldn't present a major debris problem. Now, back to my pot noodle. School holidays, love 'em
  12. Liuzzi & Vettel Penalised

    I have two words for Vettel: You prick. Surely if your'e in an F1 car in the wet and can only see a huge spray cloud in front of you, that means theres a bloody car in there somewhere - which you should avoid if you want to heat up the rears, methinks. And why was Vettel trying to spin up in a braking zone? He really wasn't thinking. It was 100% his fault.
  13. Lewis Vs Alonso: Driving Styles

    To me, it looks like Hamilton is smoother, and turns in sooner than Alsonso, who straightens up quicker on exit. Also it seem as though Hamilton likes his car with plenty of oversteer.
  14. Your Favorite Laugh So Far This Season

    Priceless. Imagine the phonecall! "Erm hi. Is this Super Aguri? Honda here. Listen, do you mind if we have our old cars back? .... Uh huh...... Sorry, up my where exactly? Alrighty then. Thanks a lot guys. Bye!" *Slams the phone down*
  15. Alonso, Time To Learn From Micheal Schumacher

    I feel sorry for 'ol Fernando. Back when it was him vs. Schumacher he was definitley the good guy, but now that its Alonso vs. Hamilton, he's pretty much the bad guy (so to speak). Poor sod, gone from top to bottom in one season! Cut the guy some slack