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  1. james

  2. He may not deserve a race ban for it, but it was obviously a dumb maneuver whether or not it was an illegal one. He had a compromised get away so Kimi only needed a decent start to be even with him by the first corner. Just watch where his head is at during the thing. First at his steering wheel, and then looking left. I have no doubt in my mind he could see Max, though he obviously missed Kimi. And then he just aimed for the end of the pit wall.
  3. Since when is a driver expected to allow a car behind to pass easily just because they're on a different strategy? You contradict yourself in the same sentence. This was, imho, the best race in years. The strategy battle was phenomenal until Ferrari dropped the ball. And Vettel and Hamilton are feeding off of it. Today they were racing gods. Makes me really miss the refueling era,
  4. Perhaps that because he forgot to brake for the damn corner. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Of all the controversial moves in the last 2 years, how many of them couldn't be fixed by just replacing the run off zones with gravel. If anybody, anywhere, crosses through a runoff zone instead of taking the track, it either meant either that his driving was not up to par, or that it was advantageous to do so. The first case being equivalent to a missed braking zone and the second case being equivalent to verstappen pushing nico off at turn 1. If the options for the squeezed car are either stay on track and maybe continue on in the race or definitely get beached; Guess which one he's going to choose? And in the first case, Do you remember Hamilton's rookie appearance in China? The one where he beached it because he forgot to brake? The same damn thing would have happened here.
  5. I miss Kubica often. Maybe it isn't fully based in reality, but he always reminded me of Alonso when he drove. I think we missed out on a great one.
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one that misses Kubica.
  7. Heh, that was the first name that came to my mind too.
  8. I agree with most everything you said, with the exception of the above. Playing with different scenarios in my head, there are a number of different ways of entertaining the hell out of me.
  9. Respectfully, I disagree. I love motorsports of all kinds and I've been to a few races. ALMS, World of Outlaws, Springfield Mile, and even the occasional tractor pull. Wearing ear plugs all the time because I'd like to keep my hearing. To me, racing isn't about noise. It is about a driver piloting their vehicle as fast or strategically as possible to win the race.
  10. I honestly never did understand the obsession with the noises that the V10s and the V8s made. Undoubtedly something was lost in translation between the mics at the track and the speakers on my T.V. but they always seemed a rather one dimensional weeeeeee weeeeee weeeeeeee. Now we get treated to all sorts of fun noises like wizzes, pops, bangs, and bwaaas. Secondly, if I ever do get the opportunity to see a race in person, I'm sure the lack of stupidly loud noises will make me as happy as a clam. I never did like loud noises.
  11. Welcome. Nice to see another mid-westerner. Hopefully you are a better representative than myself.
  12. james

    Pics Of U!

    Here's a few recent ones that I know at least 1 person will enjoy, and quite a few more won't. My father, uncle, and I recently harvested one of our buffalo. disclaimer: these pictures contain lots of blood and some intestines (plus one devastatingly handsome young man) those with a weak stomach should save yourself the trouble of cleaning your keyboards and not look.
  13. Yeah I'm still around, mostly just browsing for a few minutes between sleep and work. Its too bad shane left though as now I have no one to pick on. Oh well. Welcome newcomers and if I may offer a word of advice, grow some thick skin. You may need it around here.
  14. james

    F1 Videos

    So I was surfin around when I stumbled onto this and thought it would be wrong not to share it with yall. Enjoy!!!
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