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  1. Silverstone Test Last Week

    Canon EOS 20D, EF 70-300mm IS lens. Some of these were taken with an EF 100-400L though (head on shots from ground level).
  2. Silverstone Test Last Week

    It's Sutil... Honda's livery is lovely - I thought it was one of the nicest looking cars there, apart from the dumbo wings.
  3. Silverstone Test Last Week

    Spent Wednesday and Thursday of last week at Silverstone for the F1 test. Here's some of my pics...
  4. Michael Schumacher In F2007

    Oh, bad luck! That's the RA107 he's in! Seen the Force India livery too? Not a patch on the Spyker.
  5. Bmw And Williams Under Investigation

    Rubens - car no 8.
  6. Bmw And Williams Under Investigation

    Sounds about right - can't have anything decided on track can we?
  7. Right, Which One Of You Jokers Did It?

    LMAO! That's brilliant!
  8. Got a niggling feeling that Kimi might pull it off - maybe with the two McLaren's colliding? Certainly, only a controvercial outcome would befit such a championship as this, and Bernie has said he wants to see it decided by a collision in the final round!!!
  9. Ferrari's Front Wheels...

    Toyota are using them now, so clearly, no other team has any issue with them and I expect they'll all have them within the next 2 years!
  10. Driver Of The Day

    Vettel for me - superb races in the last two weeks. This time, from further back and without any errors. Fast learner, and obviously a big talent for the future. Big shout also to Jenson, who once again out performed the car and left his teammate for dead.
  11. A Very Small Man

  12. Pics Of U!

    I knew someone would! I guess you couldn't resist it.... or the pets!
  13. Pics Of U!

    Here goes nothing - be gentle.... Taken last summer, during the World Cup, when my brother was doing something World Cup related at the local football club and I was roped into this photo. It's all I have to share, because I HATE having my photo taken! Whilst we're doing pets, here's a couple of the Cat too.....
  14. Bit late for that! World council! Hungarian Grand Prix! Joking aside, I know what you mean. This season has been marred by factors away from racing deciding the outcomes, to the extent I consider this championship to be tainted, as I said in a recent thread. There's been so much bulls##t and politics involved in every decision that's had to be made that it has really soured this season, and I wouldn't wish such a hollow victory on any of the four drivers who were or still are fighting for it. I'm sick of F1 2007 and can't wait to start a fresh in 2008. What I want more than anything from F1 right now is equality and fairness in the decisions and penalties. What I'd really like is none of the stupid penalties and for the races and championships to be decided on the circuit, but let's not get ahead of ourselves - I'd be happy with some degree of common sense for now!