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  1. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    Ferrari/ FIA/MAD MAX/ J TOAD sorry TODT are all cheats, want more details pm me.
  2. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    Can Russia please test their new bomb on the FIA headquarters.....
  3. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

  4. Alonso

    I disagree with you. Alonso is the only guy with realistic chance of challeging for the WDC.
  5. Driver Of The Day - Indy

    Hamilton get my vote
  6. India Set For 2009 Gp Date

    Well if India will host a race in 2009 can still be debate, in case if it happens, I am sure to be there.
  7. Renault Admits Being A Midfield Team Now

    Renos are lacking motivation and are sorely missing alonso.
  8. Fastest Laps - Malaysia 2007

    Great going macca.
  9. Driver Of The Day

    Lewis ofcourse. What great day he had. In his second GP, he jumps both the ferraris in the first cornet, soaks up the pressure from massa, makes a fool out of Massa and then holds of Kimi in the final stages. Just imagine if he had given way to Massa in the first stint, Macca would have stugled fro this result.
  10. Indian Team After The World Cup:-)

    Well said. Australians are in a different leauge from the rest of the team.
  11. Indian Team After The World Cup:-)

    Good Fun Agarkar Dhoni Dravid Ganguly Kumble Tendulkar Sehwag Robin Uthappa Yuvaraj Zaheer
  12. Motogp

    Good to see Rossi back in the winning ways and also Repsol Honda struggling.
  13. Malaysia Testing!

    What is williams doing there at number 2???
  14. Next Indian Wdc?

    Let us stop this nonsense.
  15. Massa: We're Number 1!

    Well said, probaby STR or Spyker?