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  1. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    Ferrari/ FIA/MAD MAX/ J TOAD sorry TODT are all cheats, want more details pm me.
  2. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

    Can Russia please test their new bomb on the FIA headquarters.....
  3. Mclaren Fined $100million.........

  4. Women In F1

    Well I know what will be the response for the above poll in a "male cahvunistic society", but guys be fair.
  5. Alonso

    I disagree with you. Alonso is the only guy with realistic chance of challeging for the WDC.
  6. Driver Of The Day - Indy

    Hamilton get my vote
  7. India Set For 2009 Gp Date

    Well if India will host a race in 2009 can still be debate, in case if it happens, I am sure to be there.
  8. Renault Admits Being A Midfield Team Now

    Renos are lacking motivation and are sorely missing alonso.
  9. Fastest Laps - Malaysia 2007

    Great going macca.
  10. Driver Of The Day

    Lewis ofcourse. What great day he had. In his second GP, he jumps both the ferraris in the first cornet, soaks up the pressure from massa, makes a fool out of Massa and then holds of Kimi in the final stages. Just imagine if he had given way to Massa in the first stint, Macca would have stugled fro this result.
  11. Indian Team After The World Cup:-)

    Good Fun Agarkar Dhoni Dravid Ganguly Kumble Tendulkar Sehwag Robin Uthappa Yuvaraj Zaheer
  12. Indian Team After The World Cup:-)

    Well said. Australians are in a different leauge from the rest of the team.
  13. Motogp

    Good to see Rossi back in the winning ways and also Repsol Honda struggling.
  14. Malaysia Testing!

    What is williams doing there at number 2???
  15. Next Indian Wdc?

    Let us stop this nonsense.
  16. Bahrain Tests!!!

    Guys when is the testing starting in Bahrain, any live timing coverage?
  17. Massa: We're Number 1!

    Well said, probaby STR or Spyker?
  18. Bahrain Tests!!!

    I stand by earlier prediction. This is going to be the year of ferrari and macca.
  19. Guys, in the boring off season here is some this read and laugh about on how a "rookie" Irvine (debut Japan 1993) responds to Senna, the eventual race winner of 1993 Japanese GP. Quote Begins// Much speculation surrounds Ayrton Senna's encounter with Eddie Irvine after the 1993 Japanese GP. The following is a transcript of that now infamous event ...The scene: Eddie Irvine is sitting alone on a table in the Jordan cabin. Jordan's commercial manager, Rubens Barichello and several other people, mostly Team members, are also present. Suzuka was Irvine's first ever F1 race and everyone is watching a re-run of the Senna-Hill-Irvine incident. Suddenly the door opens and in walks Ayrton Senna accompanied by Norman Howell, director of communications for McLaren and Giorgio Ascanelli, Senna's engineer. Senna is looking for Irvine, but either he doesn't see him or he doesn't recognise him. Eddie Irvine raises his hand and Senna walks over to him ... Irvine : Here! Senna : What the **** do you think you were doing? Irvine : I was racing! Senna : You were racing? Do you know the rule that you're supposed to let the leaders come by when you're a back marker? Irvine : If you were going fast enough, it was no problem. Senna : I overtook you! And you went three times off the road in front of me, at the same place, like ****ing idiot, where there was oil. And you were throwing stones and all things in front of me for three laps. When I took you, you realised I was ahead of you. And when I came up behind Hill, because he was on slicks and in difficulties, you should have stayed behind me. You took a very big risk to put me out of the race. Irvine : Where did I put you in any danger? Senna : You didn't put me in any danger? Irvine : Did I touch you? Did I touch you once? Senna : No, but you were that much from touching me, and I happened to be the ****ing leader. I HAPPENED TO BE THE ****ING LEADER! Irvine : A miss is as good as a mile. Senna : I tell you something. If you don't behave properly in the next event, you can just rethink what you do. I can guarantee you that. Irvine : The stewards said "No problem. Nothing was wrong." Senna : Yeah? You wait till Australia. You wait till Australia, when the stewards will talk to you. Then you tell me if they tell you this. Irvine : Hey, I'm out there to do the best for me. Senna : This is not correct. You want to do well. I understand, because I've been there I understand. But it's very unprofessional. If you are a back marker, because you happen to be lapped ... Irvine : But I would have followed you if you'd overtaken Hill! Senna : You should let the leader go by ... Irvine : I understand that fully! Senna : ... and not come by and do the things you did. You nearly hit Hill in front of me three times, because I saw, and I could of collected you and him as a result, and that's not the way to do that. Irvine : But I'm racing! I'm racing! You just happened to ... Senna : You're not racing! You're driving like a ****ing idiot. You're not a racing driver, you're a ****ing idiot! Irvine: You talk, you talk. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Senna : I was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Irvine : Yes. I was battling with Hill. Senna : Really? Really? Just tell me one thing. Who is supposed to have the call? You, or the leader of the race who comes through to lap you? Irvine : The leader of the race. Senna : So what have you done? Irvine : You, you were too slow, and I had to overtake you to try to get at Hill. Senna : Really? How did I lap you if I was too slow? Irvine : Rain. Because on slicks you were quicker than me, on wets you weren't. Senna : Really? Really? How did I come and overtake you on wets? Irvine : Huh? Senna : How come I overtook you on wets? Irvine : I can't remember that. I don't actually remember the race. Senna : Exactly. Because you are not competent enough to remember. That's how it goes you know. Irvine : Fair enough. Fair enough. That's what you think. Senna : You be careful guy. Irvine : I will. I'll watch out for you. Senna : You're gonna have problems not with me only, but with lots of other guys, also the FIA. Irvine : Yeah? Senna : You bet. Irvine : Yeah? Good. Senna : Yeah? It's good to know that. Irvine : See you out there. Senna : It's good to know that. Irvine : See you out there ... Appearing to turn away Senna then turns back and hits Irvine with his left hand. The blow lands on the right side of Irvine's head. Irvine loses his balance and falls off the table. Senna is still shouting as he is hustled towards the door. Irvine yells "Insurance claim there!" Senna (leaving) retorts "You got to learn to respect where you're going wrong!" // Quote Ends Source: and
  20. Bahrain Tests!!!

    Great, good pace & reliability for Macca
  21. Bahrain Tests!!!

    Looks like most of the teams have had problems with alteast one car today.
  22. Oh My God!!!look At This!!! Read this, much more detailed article.
  23. Bahrain Tests!!!

    I have tried other forums/ blogs/ team websites...not of any use.
  24. Britney Spears

    This photo makes me sad
  25. Britney Spears

    True its a sad story. Particularly in a situation like this when she needs space and time for herself, these paps should stop hounding her and trying to make some money out of her story. These guys should leave her alone and allow her to come back.