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  1. Webber, just because he didn't crash his car Nah, Webber because he got on the podium in a car that is probably around the 5th best team, very good race
  2. Would be a interesting move for Alonso, then again, if he keeps failing in a McLaren I'm not complaining
  3. -Rafa-

    Happy Birthday Sato!

    Which Sato? Happy birthday Sato
  4. -Rafa-


    Was Wurz replaced because of poor performance?
  5. -Rafa-


    Alonso goes fastest
  6. Hopefully Vettel has a good race and then joins Ferrari Nah, I dunno what to think, he might have a good race, but maybe nerves etc could play a part ?
  7. I'm really impressed by how much safety has evolved. As that crash was huge, I mean that was like Senna's crash back in 94 was it? I'm sure if it was the same car as 94 he would be dead, his crash just shows how good safety in F1 is, whoever was the prat that said there is not enough safety in F1 is stupid. And to walk away with a sprained ankle,
  8. -Rafa-

    Text Speak

    hamilton iz da best coz he drives 4 mclaern and iz alwyz finishin on da podium cuase he iz like da best ya and he even 1 a race so hez iz da best 4 sure also he iz britsh PS txtspeak is very annoying, can't people just type right, I mean it's harder to understand txtspeak then actually English.
  9. I highly doubt this guy is 38, when does someone reply : "Brushing? your mum titssss..............", only someone that has never seen anything like that before or just a plain idiot, take your pick. I didn't see the Grand-Prix which p**sed me off as I had it was good, disappointed that Massa was DQ'ed
  10. Interesting Let's hope he has a long and successful career and doesn't have his career ended prematurely .
  11. Montoya and Villenueve in the same team? Both are arrogant twats and would end up wiping each other off the road.
  12. The ones I hope crash in the wall: Hamilton Alonso Albers Ralf Trulli Fisichella The ones that I think will: Albers Hamilton Fisi Maybe Alonso
  13. It's kinda hard to detect sarcasm on a internet forum
  14. No he's not 33, he's 31, he's a good defender yes, but he doesn't deserve player of the year for us. Kuyt, Gerrard, Carragher, Agger even Reina have been better then him.
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