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  1. 2012 F1 Cars

    Until they'll lower the nose and get of the weird front and rear wing it's hopeless.
  2. I'M Sorry But F1 Has Lost Its Way, Big Time.

    F1 had more passing this year then even the early mid 80s. I think it's fine. If only we'd have something like the Newey X1 with more relevant technology.
  3. Bring On The Turbo Formula 1 Engines

    Turbocharged V10s, hell yeah ... Ofcourse you could limit the fuel flow and overall amount, but still have that sweet 20000+ rpm sound.
  4. Canada Gp

    A good race, and there were several this year. Apparently there were 125 (or more) passes at Montreal this year, and 26 or 27 of them were done by J. Button alone. Monaco was still crap though, despite DRS, KERS, and degradable Pirelli tires. So probably no hope for Valencia either.
  5. Monaco

    Monaco is a crap track, all the changes can't change a crap track.
  6. In & Out Of Season Testing

    The poor teams were always behind bans and restrictions. Ofcourse CVC/FOM holding onto the revenue money is a problem. I think there should be an NBA/ NFL style of management with a with less teams, but more cars per teams and more funding/revenues per team.
  7. Bernie Wants To Take A Tinkle On Tracks

    Apart from rain and Sh#tty tarmac surface Canada style, there's little to nothing that helps produce an exciting race in F1. Cars and driver that are too close is bad enough, before we even get into the Sh#tty aero, crap tracks and Co.
  8. Bahrain Gp At Risk?

    Bahrain is a terrible track. You only had passing during the tire war.
  9. Has F1 Lost Its Marbles?

    The teams and FIA are both to blame. Active suspensions combined with computer controlled movable wings and winglets are the only true solution to the aero issue.
  10. Has F1 Lost Its Marbles?

    That's nothing new at all. Simply moving the rear wing does the same thing and better (late 60s cars or active rides via active suspensions rake angle adjustment). According to Newey the problem with active suspension-less 94 Williams was the sidepods stalling was uncontrollable. Blown diffusers were the norm in the late 80s, they just weren't as refined. There hasn't been any true innovation in aerodynamics for a long long time. Everything is just a rehash.
  11. Has F1 Lost Its Marbles?

    Improvements meaning refining to the n-th degree (in the words of Ross Brawn) but nothing new under the sun really. It's like football tactics, no tactical innovation (just physical improvements) since total football marked the end-point of tactics.
  12. Has F1 Lost Its Marbles?

    What aero innovation has there been to beat movable wings (late 60s), ground effects (late 70s in F1, late 60s in Can Am) ?! Heck Auto Union discovered ground effects in the 30s and killed Rosemeyer with that prototype. Honestly aero has been going mostly nowhere for ~ 25 to 40 years (excluding adding computers to control the suspensiona and/or spoilers on sportcars). I want distinct and good looking racecars with equivalent performance, but I don't anymore aero "innovations". And BTW spec is still crap.
  13. Jv. F1 Car Designer.

    Second that.
  14. Has F1 Lost Its Marbles?

    Movable wings were used before in the late 60s. The very first wings were in effect movable (via a pedal); but movable aero was banned in 69. K.E.R.S. is basically the new turbo boost adjustment switch (as N. Mansell pointed out). Since fuel was limited in the 84-88 era the adjustment of the boost was limited as well. That's why Rosberg kept running out of fuel, because he push-to-pass constantly and use all the fuel. And team orders were in GP racing since day one. So nothing new under the sun.
  15. Has F1 Lost Its Marbles?

    It's been like this for a long long time. The 1982 season was the last one were overtaking was (reasonably) possible in a competitive environment. Even since the chicanes and wings came along in the late 60s early-mid 70s F1 got f***ed up more and more. The turbos, ground-effects and tire war of early 80s made thing interesting again for a brief period. You cannot have nearly the same aero, same engines, same tire compounds with same strategy and chicanised tracks, blocking drivers and expect overtaking.