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  1. What Manufacture Would You Like To See In F1?

    Only one, if it looked like this; Audi Maybe Lotus too.
  2. Denny Hulme

    Yes, he is right. Denny Hulme, or 'The Bear' as he was known, really was a gentleman racer. A true Kiwi as well, he worked his way up from the very bottom, racing single seaters in his homeland, to eventually become F1 Champ. Often overlooked amongst the other great Champions of the sports past; Denny was also an accomplished Can Am driver, alongside his Indy 500 projects - on one memorable occasion he raced there with severely burnt hands. His death in a way marked his heroism too. Coming down towards the end of the supremely quick Conrod Straight in his Benson and Hedges liveried BMW, Denny suffered the heart attack that killed him. Rather than careering into the wall, hence risking the lives of other drivers, Denny managed, whilst having a Fatal Heart Attack, to wrestle the car to a somewhat more calmer stop at the side of the road. When the marshals found him, he had gone.
  3. Alonso Is Credited With Mclaren's Upturn In Form.

    That's something I'd agree with, you have my support on that view. I think that's another discussion though.
  4. Alonso Is Credited With Mclaren's Upturn In Form.

    Ahh, I see. Retreat Sir Cavallino, for you have lost.
  5. Alonso Is Credited With Mclaren's Upturn In Form.

    The flexible wings were illegal, and Ferrari put them on anyway. The mass dampers, were suddenly deemed illegal; due to an exploitation in an unlcear technicality. Monaco, was blatent cheating and couldn't go unpunished. In Hungary, Renault protested, and what Michael did was against the letter of the law. The blocking incident was absolute balls, and the mass damper situation was conspicuous in it's timing. That effectively slashed the pace of the Renault Naturally, and I guess you'd consider four titles even greater an achievement. Your point here is what? Alonso's attitude towards his team and teammate, please, give me a few examples of what you mean? I'm very interested in seeing what you can make-up. Ahh but sir, I've met them both. Testing session at Silverstone, Alonso stopped, signed and chatted with us. Kimi ignored us. Similarly, Montoya was an ar*e as well. It's hard to be civil with the clinically irrational. I'll try though. Irrelevant? Kimi retired from the lead in SM, had numerous engine failures throughout the season hampering qualifying; I seem to remember it happening in Silverstone amongst other places. Fernando's brilliant early advantage, allowed him to keep his Championship lead on his own conservative terms, and Kimi had to push. The only mistake I recall from Kimi was at Nurby, and Montoya was just rubbish. The mistakes were made by McLaren, because they're inadequate internal stuctures, somewhere along the line were causing critical failures. Likewise, the same was happening Ferrari's with thier general management. By 1996, the team (Todt) had a plan, it would take time but we saw the end results. I'm not saying they were identical situations, as no situation is ever identical, but I am saying that we can draw some comparisons, as most people would agree. If we look at every McLaren season since the year 2002; we see a pretty interesting pattern; 2002: Reliability woes 2003: Lack of real pace 2004: Most unreliable supposed front running car of it's day. 2005: Car was chronically unreliable 2006: Lack of Pace Personally, I blame Newey in the main, he can't build a reliable car. Paddy Lowe and his team seem to have got the balance right, whereas we have to look at the Red Bull's dismal reliability record thus far, to analyse Newey's expertise in that area. It is well known, that Adrian designs car to go quickly, and not much else. Your sure? Your absolutey sure on that?
  6. Alonso Is Credited With Mclaren's Upturn In Form.

    Thanks Wez, good to be here!
  7. Alonso Is Credited With Mclaren's Upturn In Form.

    It's not a question of trying to make him look good. I know he doesn't need it. I the whole Monza, Massa block debacle and the mass dampers incident clinically prove there was something going on there. Why not, how many drivers have won back to back titles? Off the top of my head I can think of Senna, Prost, Hakkinen and Schumacher. That's a select group! I'm a passionate man cavallino. Kimi's blandness, is an attitude in it's own right. It'd dismissive, and it's degenerate to F1. I dont' see your point about Fernando, but I assume you are one of those people who label him arrogant. Have you ever met him? Hardly. Yes but Todt hired them. MSC put it out there, Todt did the hiring. Your clearly a fool. The McLaren car of 2005 was the fastest machine. But tell me, do you believe that the fastest car, automatically becomes the best car? No, that's a heap of sh*t and you know it. You need to combine speed with reliability. And besides! I'm not saying you can draw direct similairities, your purposely reading my post in the way you'd like to, for your own argumentative ends. I'm saying you can draw some similarities, because they are there.
  8. Indian Gp

    Huh? That's just his year of birth, standard notation ...
  9. Alonso Is Credited With Mclaren's Upturn In Form.

    Well Ferrari were in complete disarray when Michael joined. Todt was still feeling his way into the job at that time IMO, and of course, they didn't have Byrne and Brawn until Michael popped up either. You can draw similarities, in that McLaren haven't won a Championship since 1999 (nearly ten years), they've been critically flawed in some area ever since 2001 and they haven't yet seemed like solving the problem. It is not possible to deny the change in that for this season, they seem a different team entirely. Most probably, because they are!
  10. Indian Gp

    I know, but with the influx of GP's they are hoping to bring in, that still won't be enough to save others from the chop.
  11. What Is The Worst Circuit?

    Don't know cow chewing until you've tried it. But I do agree.
  12. Indian Gp

    I don't think they should schedule anymore street races at the detriment to some of the European venues, which will have to be axed. Recent talk about the French taking a bit of a sabbatical and coming back with a circuit at Disneyland, seem to point in the direction for me at least, that we'll be seeing European circuit sharing amongst nations; i.e the British and French races for instance will swap perennially much in the same fashion as the Nurburgring and Hockenheim share the German Grand Prix. Yet they still cram in talk of two Spanish GP's (due to the success of Alonso, which, despite his genius, cannot be guaranteed as present at the time of that idea becoming reality). F1 is a business these days, it always has been to a degree, but the business/sport balance has always been satisfactory. We're seeing a shift in the wrong direction now, and the big problem is, is that new fans to the sport (I know, I'm generalising) accept this as how F1 should be, and quite simply, it's not!
  13. What Is The Worst Circuit?

    Haha don't we all!
  14. Indian Gp

    Indeed! I'm all for more than one, but that would be far too much.